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The rain drummed softly on my roof. I sat beside my window looking out at the world. The clouds were grey and there was know sun to be found. The weather resembled how I was feeling. 

In only a few days 5 people from my country and 5 from every country around the world were going to be chosen to go to Devon ISland. Nobody knows where it is or what they do to you there. My mother was one of the unlucky 5 chosen when she was my age. She said they wipe your memory of it all before you leave. She keeps telling me I’ll be fine and I wont get chosen. I’m worried. 

Days after day past and it was time to find out the five unlucky people that were going to Devon Island. It was all over TV. 

“Samson Letna,” A man on the TV said.

 “Primrose Acres,” The man said. That was me. I froze. I didn’t listen to any of the other peoples names because I blocked it out. I was going to Devon Island. 

“Prim,” my mum called from out the front.She sounded like it was urgent. I ran down stairs as fast as I could. 

“Run and hide,” She yelled. I didn’t have a clue on what was going on. I ran and hid behind my tallboy. I sat there thinking. What was going on? Why was mum so stressed? Why do I have to hide? Then it clicked. They were coming to get me!

I could hear people walking upstairs. 

“Primrose Acres,” One man called.

 “I’ve already told you I don’t have a daughter named Primrose. Or even a daughter over 9!” My mother screamed a them. I was afraid someone was going to see my blonde hair. My bedroom was beginning to get thrown to pieces. The men Throwing furniture out of the way to look for me. My mum had know idea where I was either did my brother Judd, my sister Haydee or my brother Flint. I could see that Flint was worried. He’s always looking out for me. 

I stood up. I couldn’t stand seeing them worried. The men walked over to me. They were all dressed in white, almost like astronaut suits. You couldn't see there faces or any part of there skin. 

I was carried away. My mum stood screaming. Only 1 in 5 of the people that go to Devon Island ever return. The ones that die are either killed by these men, killed by other people that get sent to Devon ISland, die of starvation, die of dehydration or infection. 

The men carried me onto a plane that slowly began to fill. There were know windows that the passengers could see out. They strapped me in. I couldn’t get out now. I was praying to return home safely. 

The men in white now came and strapped a boy in next to me. The seats were in rows of three. I already had a girl strapped in beside me. Now one the other side a boy. He looked prettified. 

“Its going to be ok,” I assured him. He looked at me and smiled. He was quiet a nice looking boy. He had dark blonde hair that shagged over his face, bright blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. He looked familiar. Maybe I had seen him around school or something. We starred at each other for a while until the girl on the other side of me began to cry. 

“Don’t worry,” I said.

 “I’m Primrose,” I announced, 

“But you can just call me Prim.” 

“I’m Clove,” She muttered. She had hair as dark as night and skin a white as snow. She was simply beautiful. 

“I’m Troy,” The boy with dark blonde hair said. I did know him. He went to my middle school. Him and his group of friends used to pick on me and call me names.

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Elle Fanningas PrimRose Acres
Jason Dolleyas Troy
Selena Gomezas Clove
Justin Bieberas Taxon
Elizabeth Gilliesas Kendall
Anne Hathawayas Jadis
Liam Hemsworthas Flint
Bradley Steven Perryas Judd

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