Ryan's Prov

I shook out my hair, making the sweat in it fall out and onto Gabbie. Gabbie being my personal trainer from the last past month.

"Sorry Gabe." I told her while taking a long gulp of water.

"It's fine Ryan. Just get back out there." Gabbie told me then grabbed the water from me.

I ran back out to the ring and jumped in.

"Ready?" Someone asked. I nodded and so did James, the guy I was fighting.

"Go!" That someone shouted.

I put my arms up and hopped around the ring. I narrowed my eyes at James and smirked. I stepped in and gave a side kick to James. He stumbled backwards then hissed in pain. I rolled my eyes and told him to get closer. James came up to me with a smirk. I swung my right arm and gave him a right hook. His eyes went wide and I gave him a left uppercut. He stepped back and I stepped forward. I tapped his head and he removed his left arm. I swung and hit him right on his nose. He yelped out in pain and fell backwards. I moved and he tripped me. I broke the fall and went up in a floor stance. He tried to get on top of me and I gave a kick to his stomach. He tried again but from the side and I gave him a side  kick. I got up and started kicking him.

"Enough! I'm done!" James screamed then got up and ran away.

"Well then. Congrats Ryan McCallen!" The producer yelled into a mic. I nodded and smirked while looking into the camera.

"Anywords from the winner?" The guy asked while shoving a mic into my face. I pushed it down and flipped off the camra.

"Nice." I heard someone scream. I shook my head and walked towards Gabbie.

"Yay! Congrats!" Gabbie said.

"Thanks. No congrats hug?" I smirked and she shook her head at me.

"No. Gross. Your all full of sweat." She told me while handing me some water. I drank it all and got out of the ring.

"Where is Cody?" I asked Gabbie while walking towards Justin.

"I'm right here bro." A sweaty Cody yelled and slung an arm around Ryan's shoulder.

"You win?" He asked.

"You know I did. I saw you watching me. You win?" I asked with a smile

"Yeah!" Cody yelled.

Gabbie's Prov

Oh my boys. Always everywhere. They can fight and when they do, they win.

Only, it's going to get harder for them because they are going to have to fight all the time.

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