Ara Black,The Daughter Of PadFoot


"You called for me Albus"Severus Snape sits down across from the old man who had a sparkle in his eyes

"Yes I did Severus"

"Why?"Severus grunts

"I need you to do something for me"

Severus groans"What now?I promised I would protect Potter and Lily's Son,What else do you want me to do?"

Albus looks at Severus"You remember Diana Volkov I presume?"

Severus frowns"Lily and I's friend,She stayed with me when I called Lily a....Mudblood"He chocks out then sneers"She married Black"

"She had a daughter"Albus sighs"She looks a lot like Diana did"

Severus furrows his eyebrows"Did?"

"The Ministry Of Magic has decided that she helped Sirius give away Lily and James to Voldemort,Which I know for a fact either of them did"Albus sighs making Severus get worried

"Albus what happened to Diana?"

"They sent the Dementors to her house-"

"WHAT?"Severus stands up with so much force the chair falls back"How could they do that?They sent Black to Askaban but they try and suck out the life from Diana?!"


"You have to help her Albus!Bring her here!"


"Please I can't loose Diana to!"Severus cries out

"I was too late"Albus's face go's grim"By the time I got their they had gotten to her..."

Severus's eyes water"She's..."

"Not dead no...But she has had the happiness"

Severus sits down on the other chair with tears down his face,The clutching feeling he hasn't felt since he found Lily dead

"Severus I don't expect you to do this,But for Diana..."

"Anything"Severus nods

"Take in Diana's daughter Ara"

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