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His Protected Possession.

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Hey!! so sorry for my cliff hanger endings but, eh, would's a girl to do. it leavs ppls interested. In this chapter, i kind of jumped from POV, so we get another look into Tristens mind. Enjoy!!!

Chapter 3

Clarity’s POV


                I spun around quickly, facing him with wide eyes. He was leaning against a tree, playing with a rock in his hands. How had I not seen him before? His stance was calm but I could sense his anger and disapproval. Just great. I took a small step back, but stopped when his eyes narrowed in on the action. He tossed the rock into the stream and started stalking towards me.

                I didn’t let him come any closer. I turned and started running again. “You can’t get away from me Clarity!” he shouted and I could hear him following. Wonna bet? I thought in my mind as I increased my speed. I felt his fingers brush my arm and jerked away, running faster. I burst into an unfamiliar clearing and stopped. I looked around, trying to find the best way out. He caught up to me because of my moment of hesitation and wrapped his arms around me, keeping me from getting away.

                I struggled with him until I heard a low growl. I froze, knowing it didn’t come from him. He had also stiffened and started pushing me behind him. I stumbled, dazed. Where had that growl come from? He finally managed to get me behind him when three wolves stepped out of the enclosure of the trees. I stared in surprise. The biggest one, the one in the middle, started stalking towards us. He was a dark brown color with steel gray eyes. I stared, wide eyed, as he edged closer. Tristen surprised me by letting out a low growl, standing protectively in front of me.

                “Mine!” he snarled out. The wolf stopped and stared at him in surprise… as did I. “Leave now. You aren’t wanted.” He spoke again in a harsh tone. After a moment’s hesitation, the wolf bowed his head slightly and turned, running off with the other two in tow. I stared at the spot they had disappeared into. Then I risked a look at Tristen. He was glaring in their direction as he wrapped an arm around me and started to pull me again. I stumbled along for a moment before I remembered I had been trying to get away.

                “No! Let me go!” I demanded as I dug my heels into the ground, pulling against him. It didn’t seem to slow him at all as he continued on, seeming not even to notice my struggles. “Tristen!” I snapped, trying to get him out of his daze. He stopped suddenly and looked down at me. His eyes were what caught my attention. They used to be a hazel color, now they were… pitch black. I gasped and he closed his eyes, turning his head away.

                “What happened to your eyes?” I asked, curiosity taking over. He ignored me and started taking deep breaths, seeming to be trying to control himself. I just stared at him, curious about his outburst. And what was with his eyes. Finally, he looked back at me and his eyes were there normal color. I felt my eyes widen. How had they changed color so fast? “Tristen?” I asked. He stared into my eyes for a moment before pulling me along. I pulled back, trying to get him to stop again.

                I was surprised when he suddenly pulled me into the cabin. Whoa, that was faster than excepted. He pushed me inside, slamming the door behind him. I winced at the loud noise and backed away from his burning eyes, pressing up against the wall.

                “Look, we need to talk.” I said in a whisper as he approached me. He nodded stiffly, coming to a stop right in front of me.

                “Yes, we do. You shouldn’t have run off.” He started off. I stared at him in astonishment.

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