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Note--- All the words in <……> wriiten in bold are A/Ns.

The pic on side is of Erin, her hubby Neil and her adorably evil daughter, Abby! <3










ERIN FLAGELLA (@eflagella) is relatively new to the Wattpad world but has managed to garner a lot of praise, reads, fans, comments and votes in a short time.


Her “Persuade Me” is her most popular work, currently #1 on Romance and #3 on Humor.


Her “Killer Betrayals” is her best work, even if not as popular as persuade me. Red’s Stalker is again a well written modern day take on the fairy tale.




My first impression of her was “a crazy but interesting stalker”. XD Well, she was stalking me!


I still stand by crazy and interesting. She is a fun person who has a morbid and insane sense of humor. She is easy to get along with. It’s next to impossible to find her in a serious mood so if you don’t dig insanely awesome people who are a little off their rocker, you probably won’t like her. Don’t be silly to make it obvious though. She is infamous for her creatively morbid death threats. *backs away uneasily*


< I am not being mean , just honest ;) >




The best person to tell us all about Erin would be the poor soul married to her since 2006. *wide eyes*. So I got NEIL (Erin’s hubby) to do her intro. He was sweet enough to agree(even though Erin and I nagged him no end for it).






Q. How would you describe your wife?




A-  Kind, courteous, and polite? Nope, none of those. But hard- working , honest and loving do come to mind. Bitch also comes to mind. But to know her and her blunt sometimes morbidly hilarious point of view is what makes her unique.


When she knows what she wants, it had better get done or no one is happy. But in the end she was probably right anyways. She is the most fun “unpleasant” person to be around, and luckily I get to spend the rest of my life with her.






Okay… Here goes:-






Q. Introduce yourself to earthlings in one line.


A- Hello, I am your epically awesome Captain speaking and author of that story you’ve been raping called “Persuade Me.”


Q. What do you think are your 3 best and 3 worst qualities?


A- Best qualities? Does insanity count…? Probably not… Let’s see, I’m a little stuck here… I’m straight forward, hardworking /dedicated and moderately intelligent…Ahem, for example: I know that if you go 80 mph and have to drive 80 miles it’ll take you an hour to get there! See, I’m so smart!!! *claps hands together at own cleverness* XD


Worst qualities are so much easier to name off…is that bad? I’m sarcastic most of the time and rarely serious even when the situation calls for it, extremely indecisive, and uh oh!!! A perpetual procrastinator!!!!


Q. Tell us your top 3 pet peeves?


1.       Easy peasy! Bad grammar! 


2.       When people think they need to shout when they talk…I can hear you just fine damn it!


3.       When people roll their eyes at me…makes me wanna b!tch slap them hard core….

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