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 Diamonds & Pearls


CHAPTER SEVEN-My First Love and My Biggest Fan



 "Nisa, what color is your house again?" I asked through my cell phone.


"It's the big blue house at the end of the road. You forgot already? Do you see it?" Nisa said with a laugh.


"Yeah, I see it. Talk to you in a second inshallah." I said and we hung up.


Zayan whipped into the driveway of Nisa's house. Since my parents hadn't had the time to meet Nisa's parents, Zayan had to basically babysit me the whole time I was there. It was annoying but I knew the reason. My parents didn't let me just go to a random person's house without Zayan or them present. Protection I suppose. I took off my seat belt and got ready to get out. Zayan lightly took hold of my arm before I could.



“Leels, does this friend of yours have brothers.” He asked as he stared past me into Nisa's yard.



“Yeah, she has an older brother but I think that's it.”I replied, failing to mention that he was in my art class. It's better not to say unnecessary things when Zayan's in big brother mode.



“Okay, let's go.”Zayan said with a glint in his eye. It was my turn to grab Zayan's arm.



“Wait a minute. Whatever you're thinking don't do it. Please don't embarrass me. This is the only friend I have that hasn't fallen madly in love with you so please, don't smile or talk to Nisa too much. I don't wanna have to add another one of my best friends to your wife list.” I said with a grunt and then got out of the car.



“It's not like I do it on purpose...”I heard Zayan say as I shut the door.



I could see someone cutting the grass on the farthest side of the lawn. I walked up to the house with Zayan trailing closely behind me. He knocked twice before I had the chance. The door swung open and Nisa flew into me, embracing me in a hug. Her brown hair was flung into my face. I hugged her back and we both squealed like maniacs. Zayan smirked and then rolled his eyes.



“Assalamu alaikum, I'm so happy you came! I swear I got nervous that you would end up deciding not to come.” Nisa said happily.



“Wa alaikum assalam. What? Why would I not come? I couldn't pass up more time to spend with you since I'll be leaving soon.”I said trying to sound cheery. The time for me to leave was getting closer and closer and soon it would finally be here.



“Yeah...I'm going to miss you.” Nisa sighed.



“Same here friend,” I replied softly.



“Well come on in...oh Assalamu alaikum, I didn't see you standing there.” Nisa said with a smile as she gestured towards Zayan.



“Wa alaikum assalam.” Zayan said with a small nod. I groaned inwardly and then relaxed when Nisa grabbed my hand.



“We're going to go into the kitchen, you can come and watch television on the sofa if you like.” Nisa said to Zayan with a friendly smile. She pulled me down the foyer and into a pretty country styled kitchen.



“Wah! I love your house. It's so cute.” I said with a big grin.



“Aww, thanks Daleela. My mom redecorated. You should have seen it before we moved in. Talk about horrifying.” Nisa said with a laugh. She opened the fridge and came out with a pack of cookie dough. “Hey, wanna make cookies?” She asked in a whisper. I nodded excitedly. Me and food are meant for each other but when you bring cookies into mix, can you say happily ever after?



“Want me to help.” I asked swaying on the balls of my feet.



“You just want to eat the cookie dough don't you?” She asked holding back a laugh.



“No, why would I want to do that, pssh...okay yes!” I said when Nisa gave me a look. We both started laughing. We placed a bunch of cookies on two cookie sheets and popped them into the oven. Nisa made me go and sit at the table while she cleaned up, completely ignoring my protests. We laughed and talked while she washed dishes and swept the kitchen floor. Every time I offered to help her, she declined. I stood up and started to clean the counter off.

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Sydney Park as Daleela Lewis
Yaya DaCostaas Zayna Lewis
Kim Soo Hyun as Noor Kai Abdullah
Tom Wellingas Isa Mahmoudi
Lee Hyun Jaeas Xavier Laywood
Sandara Parkas Nisa Laywood
Demetria Mckinneyas Daleela's Mom
Idris Elbaas Daleela's Dad
Max Schneideras Marz Bloom
Avan Jogiaas Cole Brackson
Trevor Jacksonas Dante Basco
Keke Palmeras Jade Collins
Francia Raisaas Mariam Azar
Jennifer Lawrenceas Charice Opaul
Francisco Lachowskias Rafiq
Elliot Knightas Zayan Lewis
Matt Lanteras Aiken Brackson
Johnny Deppas Clayne Brackson
Peter Facinellias Jim Howards
Austin Butleras Erik Howards

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