chapter 37

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Chapter 37 “A New Beginning”

The Academy was more silent than it had ever been. The stables were half-empty, as were most of the Academy’s rooms. Few teachers roamed the hallways and even fewer students. Classes had shrunk and with them came the feeling of loss and yet in it all there was a new feeling, a feeling of joy, hope, satisfaction, a feeling of fulfillment.

The council, not wanting to look as though they had done nothing to help win the fight, sent out the patrol groups into Haiden’s land, scouring for any hostile forces. Yet they had found little. Haiden’s forces hid away and for the time being no one knew where they were or what they were even up to. Villages and towns that had been oppressed were visited only to find that those guarding it for Haiden were gone and the villagers were free to do as they wished once again.

The other academies were still to be tackled. Most of the students that resided there didn’t seem bothered by the fact that Haiden was dead and seemed happy enough to follow new rules that were imposed, the few that didn't had disappeared along with Haiden's forces. Haiden’s land was slowly, but surely, once again becoming its own, free of the tyrant’s rule.

It had been almost a week since the battle, and those that had survived had made their way back to the Academy. They spent their time recovering, cleaning the place up, and clearing out rooms. Lessons were now resuming and things were falling back into the old way. Already preparations were being made for a few new students and riders that would be joining at the end of the full moon.

Outside, on top of the Academy, stood a white dragon. He wore no saddle, no armor, his white scales glittering in the sun, dazzling anyone who looked at him. As he gazed into the distance he felt content and peaceful. Lazily he closed his eyes.

“Hey,” the familiar voice made warmth spread through him. He turned his head to look at Akira. She wore a new set of white rider clothes, yet unlike the last these were not styled for battle. Her hair hung loosely around her face as once again she hadn't bother spending the time to tie it back. A loose black strand hung over her blue eyes that were filled with a sparkle of happiness.

“I haven't been up here since we came back,” Akira murmured as she came to stand beside her dragon and gazed out at the spectacular view in front of her. A smile spread across her face as she drank in the white clouds that parted here and there to reveal the lush land below.

“Brandon mentioned that we might want to think about cleaning up the rest of Haiden's forces...that is if we can find them,” she spoke, not tearing her eyes from the view below.

Redemption let out a lazy yawn in reply, “Sure, I guess we might be able to fit that into our schedule.”

Akira gave him a playful slap and when he turned to glare at her she didn't bother doing the same, not wanting to have to give up the view below.

“So...” Redemption thought, “How does it feel, being a hero and all, kiddo.”

“I don't know,” Akira replied with a  shrug, “You tell me.”

“Well if you must know, I think it’s great, except for the fact that the attention could be a bit more, I mean screaming admirers would do it for me, but no, instead they show us quiet respect,” Redemption complained.

“Only someone as big headed as you could complain about that,” Akira grinned.

“Big headed, huh?” Redemption asked turning to look at Akira.

As their eyes met Akira felt the grin disappear from her face. “Ree, don't you dare do it!” she growled taking a step back from the edge.