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Remember me ? (Austin Mahone love story)


This is my first story so please  , please give my story a chance (:

There's a picture of Georgie Henley A.K.A Danielle on your right side.

Enjoy ! (:

Chapter 1 : 

Danielle's POV

I woke up today with a smile on my face . Why ? beacuse it's the first day of summer ! 

Finally , school is over and all I get to do now is have fun ! 

Today , my friends and I are planning to go to the mall and do some shopping. I can't wait !

I glaced at the clock at my bedside table then I noticed the time.  My huge smile dissappeared and turned into a frown .  It's already 11:30 ! I was suppose to meet my friends at the mall at  11 o'clock ! Damn ! How come my alarm clock didn't  woke me up earlier  ? oh great , now i remembered  . I forgot to set it up last night ! ugh !

 I got up immediately and ran to my bathroom .

My bathroom was purple , well , most of it is purple , it's my favorite color . It's the same color as my room .

As soon as I got inside , I went infront of the mirror to wash my face then brushed my teeth . Then I stripped down then went inside the shower . I took a shower as quickly as I could . I didn't even mind the cold water running through my body because I was in a rush .

After that , I picked the most comfortable pair of denim shorts out of my closet together with a red shirt that says 'SWAG' paired  with my favorite pair of black sneakers. 

I didn't bother to put on any make-up . I'm just going out with my friends anyway , I don't need to look pretty when I'm with them . Trust me , they've already seen me at my worst .

I looked at the clock again to see that it was already 11:35 . Wow ! 5 minutes ? That's a new record !  I usually get ready at about an hour or even more . I was feeling surprised and proud of myself at the same time .

Still proudly smiling at my 'new record' , I  grabbed my phone which was under my pillow . When I unlocked it , I found

11 missed calls from Kath

9 missed calls from Vannessa

11 missed calls from Shani

Uh , oh . I have a feeling that when I get there , World War III is going to start, literally. My friends will be so mad at me.

Aside from all the missed calls I got , I also received 26 messages all from my friends and some of their texts includes :

'Dani , where are you?'

'Wake up Dani!'

'Where are you now ? '

'Don't forget our plans for today dan'

'We're already waiting at the mall'

Really ? 26 messages ? they must be fuming .

Seriously , I have to remember setting up my alarm clock at night so I won't wake up late anymore. and so that I could avoid getting killed by my friends.

I quickly ran downstairs after reading all of their messages.

As I reached the bottom of the staircase , I heard someone shout. I jumped in complete surprise .

"Good morning sweetie!" my mom greeted me with a huge grin on her face .

 Seriously , my mom is  too loud. i just woke up but my eardrums already exploded all because of my mom's loud voice .

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Chapter 1


Goergie Henleyas Danielle
Austin Mahoneas Austin
Alex Constancioas Alex
Robert Villanuevaas Robert
Tiffany Alvordas Kath
Abigail Breslinas Shani
Khalia Fergusonas Van
Maria Canals Barreraas Marie (Mom)
Michele Mahoneas Michele
Carter Jenkinsas Jake

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