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Can I put myself to sleep? (Jeff the killer love story.... duh)

Dedicated to

~~ Chris's P.O.V. ~~  (YAY NEW POINT OF VIEW!! <3 xD)

The... Renaissance? No. No fucking way in heaven. Not Mina. She's to... Innocent. Even if she is a killer now. It's just... not possible...

 "What, Chris? Kitten got your fucking tongue?" Mina yelled holding the proxy tighter. What the hell? The second proxy, with the black and red eyes and bloody tears walked up to her and handed her something...

"Fuck you, Ben." She said, starting to laugh and take it from him. What is that?

"Are you fucking hiding me Ben? When did you start that Mina?" The tall one  said sitting his hand on Mina's head as she lit the thing. Is it a cigarette?

"When Jane almost killed us and you were a fucking ice sickle. Problem?" Mina snapped, yet laughing at the same time. Oh. She's getting high... Now that I think of it... Has she been high this whole time? And Jane tried to kill them. Little I'm I speaking of the proxies, but Mina as well?

"What in the hell are you all speaking of?" I said, why in the hell is my voice so shaky?! 

"Your 'master' is a major whore. Believe it or not, we are not the fucking bad guys!" Mina yelled looking at me with bright blue eyes. When ever that happens I get rough chills down my spine. As I have now. It only happens when she's angry, and when shes angry, shes violent.

"I can't believe you. You work for the fucking Slenderman! Zalgo! Who is worse that him?!" I said yelling. How can I really believe you?

"Okay, you want to know? Jane." Mina and Mr. Smile said in unison. Those to are way to fucking alike. They looked at each other and laughed, Mina's eyes turning back to normal. Hey... Do they? No. I doubt it.

"What is she doing so wrong?! It's only right! She's stopping the problem before it gets to bad!" Ben, Mina, and Mr. Smile all looked at me confused. What... Am I missing something?

"Stop... What, Christopher?" Mr. Smile said pulling out of Mina's grasp and walked up to me confused. 

"You." I said, holding my weapon across my chest with a devilish smile. I wish the confidence in my smile reached my heart.

"Oh, cocky are we?" Jeff said laughing insanely.  "How bout' you explain is to us, Chrissy Boy?" What in the hell? Does he not see what he is?

"Jane is trying to STOP YOU. Your killing needs to end. Don't you ever feel bad for what you've done. I know. I killed Cody! Tell me you've never don't something you regret." I said. Cody. I miss him, but I don't regret killing him. He needed to die.

"Stop..." Jeff mumbled, I hit a soft spot.

"What? Stop what Jeff. You do regret something, don't you?" I said, my smile growing, if must look as wicked as his right now.

"Stop!" Jeff lashed out, pulling his knife out of his pocket and holding it against my neck shakily. Perfect.

"What do you regret, Jeff?" I said. 

His response scared me.

"Jeff dropped his knife, clattering loudly on the hard floors as he raised his hands to his head, still shaking. "Stop. Stop. Stop. I SAID STOP!" Jeff roared,falling on his knees. Is this good.... Or bad?

"Jeff! Calm down!" Mina yelled, running up to him and started stroking. his back, shooting me a death glare. If looks could kill, death would have just met me personally. Jeff was panting and shaking non stop. I think I just fucked up bad...

Within a second, with blinding speed Jeff stood up and... And stabbed Mina. It was only a second. The knife was implanted inside Mina's side and her eyes opened in shock. What did I do? Mina bent over and coughed up blood, fear evident in her eyes, even tho I know she was trying to hide it. Jeff didn't stop tho. He pulled his long knife from her side and pushed her down onto the ground. Why was she not fighting back?! I was thinking of helping, until Ben flased away though his phone. It might be better if I stayed away. Not like I could help, as must as I wish not to admit it, I'm frozen in terror. Mina stayed on the ground as Jeff sat on top of her and wrapped his hands around her neck, choking her. Mina, was just accepting it. In fact, a smile flashed on her face. Sadly, as the smile flashed on her fase, a knife stabbed deep into her chest.

Into her heart.

At the same moment, I felt arms wrap  around my shoulder. Jane's back home.

Never did I think he would be able to kill a renaissance.

As much as I wanted to run, not to get away from Jeff, but Jane, I couldn't.

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