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I can’t believe how dad slept so soundly right after eating lunch.  I wish I could also do that.  Anyways, I wonder where the remote is.

It sucks how Hallie can go around the world while I'm stuck in that amusement park.  I can’t believe how unfair life can be.  I never even went abroad with my own set of friends.  I may enter the amusement park any time I want, but that park is starting to bore me.

I found the remote under the leather sofa along with some dusts and M&Ms. Gross, why is it here anyway?

I switch the channels continuously, trying to find a good show, but ended up giving the television to my sister.  "Hey! I want to watch that!"  My noisy sister said from behind.  "That? As in some kind of Korean show?!"


"Fine. Here, take the remote."

Hallie took it and sat on our brown leather sofa, which is now 9 years old.  I got up and went to my room.  I'd rather be there than be stuck in front of the TV with some Korean dudes along with my sister.

I opened my door, which was painted white last month and saw my queen sized bed neatly done.  Cool!  I looked at my side table and saw a picture frame with my girl's picture in it.

Jessica.  She's the girl who I can always count on.  I can look at her beautiful face for whole day, her smile is the one I fell for, but looks don't really matter to me anymore.  Yes, I was that kind of guy before, but I already changed.  Jessica's my uh...  Never mind.  She wasn’t my first.  I had had some girls before her, but the time I met her, I instantly knew that she's the right one.  She's really different.  She isn’t the sweet type that one can usually find out there.  She's serious in everything.  Plus, she can be boring sometimes, but I never really complained.  However, she's the one who always complained and nagged about my clumsiness, but I'm pretty sure that it's for my own good.

Jessica is multi talented.  She can paint, act and play random instruments, but the one I love the most is, she can do everything on time and still be organized.  Sometimes I still wonder why I chose her, but without thinking much, I already knew why.

I probably can call her now.  I picked up my phone and dialed her number.  *Bzzz..Bzzz..*  Hi, I'm Jessica White.  I'm not at home now, but you can call my cell or just leave a message.  I'll call you back.

I was directed to her voicemail.  I grabbed my cell and pressed 2, speed dials are really handy nowadays.  "Hello?"

"Hey honey."

"Oh, Michael! What made you call? Do you need something?"  I can imagine her face light up.

"Yeah, are you free today? Can you come over?"

"Uh... Maybe later. I'm quite busy now. Five?"

"Oh… Sure, I'll be waiting for you."

"Okay, bye." *click*

That was fast.  Yay!  She's coming, oh boy, she's coming.

-Michael Price, 24 years old

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Selena Gomezas Hallie Price
Sean Conneryas Dennis Price
Cote de Pabloas Bea Price
Ashley Tisdaleas Maureen Martinez
Chris Hemsworthas Blake Flynn
Zayn Malikas Liam Stewart
Charlize Theronas Cathy Collins
Zac Efronas John Martin
Liam Payneas David Brown
Leonardo DiCaprioas Hanzel Scott

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