*Cassi's POV*

A deep bass vibrated, shaking my bones in an oddly alluring way. I was at  one of the biggest parties of the year, held by the schools own playboy bunny, Heather Santos. Of course, she hadn't invited me personally, in fact if I had to guess, she didn't want me within a hundred feet of her house. Sadly, my best friend Kitty - I know right, who names their child Kitty? - had dragged me along with her, and ditched me to seduce some poor guy as soon as we had stepped foot in the front door.

I know what you're thinking. What kind of best friend is Kitty if she left me alone somewhere I didn't want to be in the first place? Well fuck off, cause it isn't any of your business. The point is, I was standing in a dark corner of the room, bored out of my mind, with no way to get home.

I brought the plastic cup clutched in my hand up to my face and sniffed at it cautiously, my nose curling in approval when the vile scent of vodka filled my nostrils. I threw the cup backwards, gulping down it's contents in less than a minute. Throwing the cup down, I felt my head begin to spin on its axis, wiping at my lips with my wrist to erase any evidence that I had been drinking.

The black beanie I had pinned into my hair was starting to bug me, the bobby-pins pulling at my scalp in an irritating way. I rolled my tongue along my front teeth, a habit that had started when I'd gotten my tongue pierced, and scanned the room with my blue gaze carefully.

Everyone in the room was doing one of three things. Grinding up against more than once person, sticking their tongues down someone's throat, or getting wasted; everything you would expect to go down at a party.

I rolled my eyes, and pushed up from the wall I had been leaning against. My tongue flicked out over my lips, running over the metallic curves of my snake bites slowly. I was not societies ideal girl, and I would be damned is I was. Oh yes, I'm talking barbed wire, angle wing tattoos on my back, as well as a small tattoo of Cerberus on my hip, plus my piercings, and decision to wear skin tight black jeans, and graphic Tees.

I slouched forward, and slinked towards the room I had seen Kitty disappear into, some jock trailing after her like a lost puppy. Crossing my fingers, I hoped that when I pushed the door open I wouldn't see the two of them going at  it like rabbits. My hand paused on the door knob when I heard a low moan, followed by a gruff grunt. My desire to go in and get Kitty so we could leave died instantly, and I stalked away with a shudder.

Great, looks like I was going to be stuck her for at least twenty minutes, and that was only if I got lucky and Kitty made him a quickly. Grumbling to myself, I danced my eyes around the room once more and saw a few prissy blondes looking my way, snickering into each others' ears.

I smiled at them sweetly than raised my middle finger ever so impolitely in their direction, and smirked when their jaws dropped open, turning away from me in annoyance. Serves them right for being bitchy barbie dolls in the first place.

I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, my focus still on the  little group, one of the blondes looking like she was trying to build up the courage to march over here and give me a piece of her mind. I'd like to see her try, I clock her in the nose.

I put my thumbs to my temples and raised my fingers at them tauntingly, sticking my tongue out at them. Oh yeah, I was so mature and grown-up. Feeling pretty good about my little victory over the blonde army, I added a bounce to my step...Only to fall flat on my ass when I ran into something tall and hard.

"Shit," I growled, glaring upwards into a set of grey eyes that look almost as irritated as I felt. His hair was black underneath, with a layer of glossy blood red on top, and he was dressed in a stark Tee and jeans, with a checkered hoodie. He was tall and thin, but still managed to pull of the toned look. "Watch it." I muttered at him, pushing back to my feet, my hand rubbing at my bruised tailbone soothingly.