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“So I bet Bobby and Robinho are going to be best buds soon, huh?”

Laughing quietly, hoping not to wake my brother who was snoring quite loudly in the back seat I said, “Yeah sure if Robinho would just admit that he is the shortest.”

Angelo gasped, turning in his seat with an expression on his face like I’d just said the most offensive thing ever, “Did you just say my brother is the shortest?”

“I’m sure I didn’t stutter.”

“Well I’m pretty sure you need glasses, if you can’t see that my brother is clearly the tallest among the two of them.”

Feeling the need to defend my brother I retorted, “The only reason why your brother thinks he’s taller it’s ‘cos of his mohawk which gives him an unfair advantage.”

That re-started another heated argument between me and the ButtBag which had first begun at his house when Bobby and Robinho first met. The two hit it off quite quickly, with an introductory staring match trying to intimidate each other with their glares. Angelo had to break it off or someone was going to end up with a stiff face by the end of the night.

Angelo’s mum who had tried to cool things off between the two had asked both of them to get to know each other. Apparently, Robinho’s method of ‘getting to know’ someone was to challenge them to a game of Mario Kart, to decide if they were worthy enough to be allowed in his so-called ‘cool crew’ as explained by Angelo’s mum. My brother never the one to step down from a challenge, stepped up to the bait.

Rewinding back to when I got caught by Angelo’s mum sitting on the stairs after noticing me blankly staring at her, she had then wondered out loud to her son, “Why is there a woman on your stairs staring at me?”

Red-faced, well not really red-faced since I can’t actually turn red but maybe in a you-got-caught-face I had walked down the rest of the steps and made my way over to her to introduce myself properly.

I observed how beside me Angelo had felt slightly felt uncomfortable and he remained quiet as me and his mum exchanged pleasantries and she introduced herself as Sara.

Sara had to call the intense debate between Bobby and Robinho a night, seeing that both the boys was getting more and more frustrated which each other’s refusal to accept defeat.

“You know what I think?”, I said bringing myself out my thoughts as I decided it was time to also call it a night with the argument between me and Angelo inside the car not going anywhere and me getting sleepier.

“What’s that?”

“It’s time for me to go inside my house. So I’m just going to agree to disagree but we both know that they’re the same height.”

“K, if ya’ say so. Make sure you come to my house tomorrow.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“Don’t ‘whatever’ me. It’s supposed to be a happy occasion when you come to mine. You know how many people would kill, just to gain entrance at my house to see this handsome papi?”

Ignoring his usual conceited remarks I asked something that I had meant on asking earlier on, “Why d’you seem unhappy at the fact that your mum was coming over to visit you?”

I felt him tense beside me and I was about to say he could forget the question but then he answered in a calm tone, “I don’t like the way people look at her, like she’s some monster. She’s my mother, I hate the fact that people would look at her and just see the blemishes on her face. I’ve advised her many times that she should get some surgery done, but she said she doesn’t care what people see her as, it doesn’t bother. But somehow I still felt like it bothers her she’s just too stubborn to admit it.”

“Oh.” Urgh, I hate when he has me stumped like this.


“Well I guess it’s goodnight and erm...I’ll see you tomorrow”, I said awkwardly as I climbed out the car and opened the backseat to carry out my brother, who I was surprised hadn’t woken up from the volume of our argument in the car.

I was making first step towards my house door when I heard Angelo call my name.

“Hey Luciana!”

“Yes, Angelo?” I answered rolling my eyes at what he could want.

“Who’s this? Help me, help me! I’m Luciana I can’t skate and I’m about drop!” He mimicked me as he recalled my unfortunate accident at the ice rink in an unrealistic high pitched girly voice, that was supposed to sound like me.

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