Your Killing Me My Prince.




"Im gonna do something, whether its jumping off a building to playing with alcohol. Will you tell me not to, and say that the only thing I need to do is be with you?" 



This I haven't felt this in a while, this extreme happiness in my chest.

After so long, so many days of silence and coldness it has gone.

I feel you reach out to me, even if its only just a little touch.

Maybe Im dreaming, but I feel like your mine again.


You smile to me, making me feel as if only I deserve that shine.

Everything, nothing, you have given it all to me and more.

Blinding me with your presence, your breath taking.

An angel from above, a demon from below, you.


Being abot to touch your skin, and be with you.

Your a dream I once thought was forever lost in the past.

Wings outstretched to the sky, no longer are you chained down.

Fly, towards the heavens, toward the path you chose but never had taken.


Disappearing as the sun sets, your eyes glint magically.

Flash of white teeth, against the black of night is all that's seen.

Chasing after your shadow, catching glimpses of your face, of a sign.

High off the chase, off the taste of you on my tongue, you boost me forward.



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