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I Married The Prince Of Darkness (Winner Watty Awards 2012)



Chapter 12

***CASPER'S P.O.V***

I watched as Sapphire led Crystal to the back of the room, now all I had to do was get Jasper out of here. I stalked towards him I couldn't help but notice all the blood and bodies everywhere, it had all happened so quickly. As I continued towards him he moved towards the door to the hall. He was luring me out the door with a big smirk on his face.

“I'll wipe that smirk right off his face. If he thinks he can come into my home and act like this, he is sadly mistaken.”, I thought to myself. “He has come in here and threatened to take what's mine, and for that he will pay with his life.”, I swore.

I looked towards the back of the room where I knew Sapphire had Crystal, I knew Sapphire would protect Crystal with her life. As I looked back to where Jasper had been I realized he wasn't there. I turned around to look towards where Crystal and Sapphire were, and thankfully nobody was back there. I turned around just in time to see Jasper's fist come flying towards my face. I quickly dodged it and came back with a punch of my own. I landed it on his right cheek and heard a sickening crack, and Jasper took off out into the hall.

“Oh no you don't”, I thought as I ran out after him.

I followed him into the foyer, and just as I was about to catch him he turned around and hit me. I flew into the wall and fell to the floor, he had caught me off guard and that wasn't good. As he was coming at me I brought my hand up, planning on ripping out his heart. He was too quick though, and used that against me to throw me across the room, and into the other wall. I got up preparing to go back at him.

“Now brother, there's no need to get violent.”, Jasper said.


I lost control and attacked my brother again, I hit him in the jaw and heard another crack. He stumbled back and I went at him again, only this time as I went to hit him he caught my right arm. He jerked it the opposite direction I was going and I felt it pop as it dislocated. I fell onto my knees and grabbed it preparing to pop it back into place, that's when Jasper came up behind me. He grabbed my head between his hand, and was going to rip my head of.

“Goodbye brother.”, he said.

At that moment I reached back and grabbed him by his shirt and threw him onto the floor, then I managed to pop my shoulder back into place. We continued to fight each other, neither of us gaining the upper hand.

He grabbed a piece of wood off the floor and every time I threw a punch at him he would swipe at me with the wood. It's not big enough to kill me even if he tries to plunge it into my heart.

Jasper started to back away but I proceeded to move forwards, making sure he was backing himself into a corner. I needed him where he couldn't escape, so that I could end this madness that he's caused for so many years. I was going to make sure it would all end tonight.

Just as Jasper was getting closer to the corner, I made my move. I ran as fast as I could using my Vampire speed, and smashed his head into the wall. The plaster crumbled where his head hit it, but I wasn't quick enough to avoid his next attack. With no time to move out of the way, Jasper pushed the piece of wood he had into my chest. He missed my heart completely, but it still left me paralyzed. I would stay that way until it was removed, and this left me defenseless.

I fell to the ground totally unable to move.

“I'll see you again soon brother and next time, I'll take that pretty little pet of yours. Or should I say future bride.”, Jasper whispered in my ear, before kissing me on the forehead and running towards the door.

As I laid there, I tried calling for Crystal or Sapphire but no one could hear me. I needed this wood out of me, so I could go after my brother. I needed to kill him so he couldn't get his hands on my Crystal, I can't let him take her away from me.



“Please let me go find him.”, I pleaded. Sapphire just wouldn't listen to me.

“I need to find Casper, I need to know that he's okay and I need to tell him how I feel about him.”, I thought.

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Chace Crawfordas Casper
Shailene Woodleyas Crystal
Amanda Seyfriedas Kiara
Blake Livleyas Sapphire
Liam Hemsworthas Jasper

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