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It All Happened At Magcon h.g


.~Makenzie's POV~.

The elevator doors opened and we stepped out.

We walked around the corner and found the line.

There were about 10 girls.

We had VIP and were the second in that line. there were 2 girls in front of us.

There were two separate lines. One for VIP, one for non VIP.

"you girls can wait here, i'm going to get a coffee" My mom said and left to head upstairs.

"how long do you think we have to wait in this line?" Lilly asked.

"I think about 5 and a half hours" I said sitting down on the floor.

Lilly sat down next to me.

"hey lets take a selfie" I said and brought out my phone.

Bit first let me take a selfie :)

I stuck out my tongue whilst I crossed my eyes and Lillly crossed her eyes and put bunny ears behind my head.

"send that to me its going to be my new lock screen" Lilly said.

I sent the picture to her and opened twitter.

I posted the picture with the caption saying In the next 5 and a half hours will finally get to meet our idols. :P @MAGCONTOUR

Lilly retweeted my post.

I refreshed my news freed to find Magcon retweeted my post and commented saying see you girls soon. - Shawn P.s you girls are beautiful :)

"um... Lilly, check my post on twitter" I said looking down at my phone is disbelieve.

I saw her get out her phone and her eyes went Huge.

"oh my gosh. lucky duckling you are," she said crossing her arms over her chest, "I want Magcon to retweet me and I also want Shawn to comment too"

The girls in front of us looked behind and asked "did you say that Magcon retweeted your post and Shawn commented on your post too?"

"yeah" i said and showed them my phone.

"ooo, you are lucky" the other one said smiling.

I saw my mom walking back with a coffee in her hand and a man walking behind her.

"is that Nash and Hayes's dad?" I whispered to Lilly.

"yeah he has the bright blue eyes" she said starring at him.

my mom walked over to us and told us "hey girls, this is Chad" she said pointing to Nash and Hayes's dad.

"Hi" I said smiling and waving.

"so I heard it was one of your girls birthday" he said smiling.

Lilly started to point to me.

Oh crap it's my birthday.

whoops. oh well.

Oh hey it's also 4th of July.

"what's your name?" He asked.

"Makenzie, Makenzie Valentine" I said blushing

"well Makenzie, you, Macy, and your friend is going to hang out with the boys till the show starts" he said smiling.

oh god I could faint. wait no i'm getting dizzy. I can'y breath. my face is going red.

"Makenzie are you okay" Lilly asked.

I looked at my mom and she had a scared look.

I gave my mom a look saying i kneed my inhaler. now!

"oh um... Makenzie honey i left it in the room. i'm sorry i thought you wouldn't need it" my mom said panicking.

heeve huuf

girl give me an inhaler before is pass out.

"what the problem?" chad asked.

"she needs her inhaler," My mom said.

Lilly had me in a hug rubbing my back.

"this always happens when she is either excited or nervous" Lilly told chad.

"what's your name sweety, i never caught it" chad asked.

"it's Lilly sir" she said.

i pulled away from the hug and grabbed my bag. I got my key card and started to run twards the elevators.

"Makenzie! don't run it will make it worse" Lilly yelled after me.

i started to slow down right in front some escalators.

I started to get even more dizzy.

"help" i tried to get out but it sounded all raspy.

welp here we go.

i finally passed out.

right there by the escalators with my key card still in my hand.

.~ Hayes's POV~. (something new :])

I watched the whole thing go down.

I watched as my dad walked with a lady to two girls and talked to them.

i watched as the ginger had trouble breathing.

i watched her run and wished she didn't.

it was only going to make it worse.

i saw her face when she stopped running.

it looked scared.

Next thing I know i'm runnign to her passed out body.

"Makenzie!" i heard someone yell.

I saw the lady my dad was walking with run up to the girls body.

" makenzie oh god. it was my fault. i'm sorry i didn't have your inhaler" she said as she hugged i guess Makenzie's body.

The lady jumped back a bit once she saw i was there sitting on the floor with her.

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