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Chasing Levi (BoyxBoy)

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WARNING!  This chapter pushes the PG-13 envelope a bit (aka, it's a bit on the naughty side) If you don't like reading this kind of stuff, I'll do a chapter recap at the start of chapter 6.  If you do read this, though, please COMMENT/VOTE/ADD/FAN!! Much appreciated!


Chasing Levi

(5) Apologies and Surprises

I was such an idiot.  I was in Coach Monroe’s office, sticking Band-Aids on my shredded legs while watching the members of the track team go their separate ways from a small window to my right.  HayLee was glancing around, probably wondering where I’d gone off to because she’d promised to give me a ride, and Levi was laughing with some of his friends.  I was torn between going out there and apologizing to him and hiding out like a coward.  Hiding out was winning.

I’d just stuck on the last Band-Aid when Coach Monroe entered his office.  He looked down at me, perched in the plastic chair in front of his desk, and smiled.

“You’re Chase, right?” he asked and I was a little relieved that the coach at least knew my name.  That made me think I might actually have a chance of not fading into the background to the point where I’m not even considered for the actually track team.

“Yeah, Chase,” I repeated.

“You’ve got some talent, kid.  You could be better with a little practice though, maybe work on coordination.”  I felt myself blushing at the mention of my fall.

“You’re also really skinny; you need to build up some muscle.”

“I know.  I try eating and I try running, but my body always finds a way to burn all of my calories before they can turn into anything,” I admitted.  My metabolism just never seemed to want to let me be regularly sized, it was annoying.

“You really want to get on the track team, don’t you?” he asked, abruptly changing the subject. 

“Yes!  I need to be on the track team!”  I nodded my head rigorously as if my future depended on it, which it kind of did.

“I can tell.  The way you run, it’s not like everybody else,” he commented.

“What do you mean?”

“Stand up,” he told me so I did.  He gestured to his door before saying, “Run down the hallway, and I’ll show you.”

“Okay,” I said, turning to go out the door, my hand already on the doorknob.

“Wait,” Coach Monroe suddenly said, and I stopped.  “Actually, let me try to explain before you run.”  From behind, I heard him take a couple of steps towards me and place his hands on the sides of my hips. 

I froze. 

What?  I couldn’t even process what was happening before he leaned over so that his body was pressed against my back, his lips at my ear.  Still paralyzed from shock, I heard his low voice start to whisper in my ear.

“Chase, the way you run is different because you get so lost in it.  You’re passionate about it.  What else are you passionate about, Chase?”  My name sounded strange coming from his lips.  I didn’t like it.  Immediately, I wanted to spin around, to tell him to leave me alone, to run away, to do something, but instead I just stood there like a statue.

One of his hands started to explore, reaching under my shirt and sliding across the flat plane of my stomach.  His hands were unusually warm, making me want to jerk away.  Strangely though, they weren’t completely unpleasant, at least they wouldn’t be if they didn’t belong to a man in his mid-thirties. 

His other hand joined the first, and together the pair of them slid lower down my stomach until they reached the waistband of my athletic shorts.  My blood was rushing through my veins as I tried to reason through what was going on, if I should say no or not.  Before I had a chance to decide, his hands plunged into the front of my shorts like a diver into a pool.

Almost silently, I cried out as his warm hands felt my bare skin.  They began to explore regions of me that no one else had.  Trying to breathe properly and stay upright, I leaned my head against the door.  I nearly jumped out of my skin when he firmly took me in his hands.

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Chasing Levi (5) Apologies and Surprises


Thomas Penfoundas Chase Williams
Rob Mooreas Levi Anderson
Nicholas Houltas Adrien Knight
Chloe Moretzas HayLee Davenport
Marija Vujovicas Meghan Monroe

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