From the ashes

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Character name--- Actor/Actress

Taylor Allen. (Leighton Meester)

Dark brown hair(straight, and long)

Brown eyes/ (5, 4 in) 125 lbs

Loves music

Joey Collins. (Landon Liboiran)

Dark brown hair (slightly shaggy)

Deep blue eyes/ (5,8 in) 135 lbs

Gay, and loves acting.

Nikki Roberts. (Demi Lovato)

Red curly hair (Down to shoulder blades)

Light Green eyes/ (5,7 in) 110 lbs

Fashion Queen, and very tan

Carya Nicole Reynolds. (Amy Lee)

Black hair (straight, and long)

Light blue eyes/ (5,10 in) 145 lbs

Lesbian, and Bad temper (Protective)

Sebastion Crowhaven. (Liam Hemsworth)

Blonde hair, short and spikey

Brown eyes/ (6,1 in) 160 lbs

Usually wears an Evanescence sweater. Good singer

Todd Grazure. (Sean Roberts from Degrassi)

Dirty blonde hair (buzz cut)

Light light blue eyes/ (5,9 in) 175 lbs

Jock QB on football team

Christopher Lutz. (Justin Timberlake)

Blonde hair

Blue eyes/ (5,11 in) 150 lbs

Drama teacher

Mrs. Allen. (Stacie Mistycin Degrassi)

Long Brown hair

Green eyes, 5,2 in/ 120 lbs

Mr. Allen. (Pat Mastrianni)

Gray hair

Brown eyes/ 5,5in, 130 lbs

Al Allen. (Steven Colletti)

Brown hair

Brown eyes/ 5,5in/ 140lbs

Daniel. (Nathaniel Buzolic )

Dark brown/black hair

Green eyes/ 5,7in/ 130 lbs

Not human

Joshua. (Darren Criss)

Brown hair

Honey brown eyes/ 5,4 in/ 120 lbs

Not human/ athletically built

Sean. (Chris Zylka)

Sandy blonde hair

Ocean blue eyes/ 5,8 in/ 150 lbs

Not human

Kara. (Samantha Munro)

Brown hair

Blue eyes/ 5,7 in 120 lbs


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Leighton Meesteras Taylor Allen
Landon Liboironas Joey Collins
Liam Hemsworthas Sebastion Crowhaven
Amy Leeas Carya Reynolds
Demi Lovatoas Nikki Roberts
Nathaniel Buzolicas Daniel
Darren Crissas Josh
Chris Zylkaas Sean

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