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You Complete Me


Chapter Four




I woke up feeling extremely out of place.

The bed was empty and it took a few moments for me to realize I was at home. My eyes felt unnaturally heavy and refused to open more than half-way. After a few seconds, what had happened came back to me and I rubbed my palms over my face, sniffing a little.

Those bloody homophobic bastards that taped me to a used toilet. My cheeks darkened and I wanted to sob in pure shame and humiliation but I forced myself not to. There was no point in crying over spilt milk anymore. It was then that the rest of it rushed back to me.

Tyson had kissed me last night. Not just any ordinary kiss – like, kiss, kiss.

I felt my heart beat quicken and my stomach suddenly filled with butterflies for some unknown reason. Oh my God, Tyson had kissed me; my brother – my twin. It screamed wrong in so many languages but for some reason it had felt extremely right. Then I cringed in embarrassment when I remembered how I had reacted; like some sex-starved slut. I had literally thrown myself at him.

What was going to happen now? Was it going to be awkward between us? Did the kiss mean anything more than just a kiss for comfort? The more I thought about it, the more butterflies decided to fill my stomach until I felt so nervous I felt like throwing up.

It was a kiss of comfort; nothing more. I was obviously in distress and Tyson didn’t know how else to calm me down than to kiss me. And it had worked.

Yeah, that sounded about right.

I sat up on the bed and glanced at the clock beside the bed: 10:28 a.m.

“What?” I whispered in disbelief. Had I slept all night? All week? What day is it?

I heard the soft pad of footsteps on the stairs and the room door opened and standing there was Tyson. My heart lurched in my chest and the stupid butterflies in my tummy decided to turn into airplanes at that moment. I gripped the sheets unconsciously and felt a strange urge to have the ground open up and swallow me whole.

“Hey, you’re awake,” he grinned, moving up to me, a tray in his hands, “I made you breakfast. You slept like a log of wood,” he laughed and I managed a small chuckle.

He sat beside me on the bed and placed the tray on my laps since I was already sitting up. For some reason, his proximity made me even more nervous and I could feel myself sweat in my palms. In the tray was a mountain of pancakes, covered with golden syrup and a huge cup of tea. My stomach rumbled for effect and I heard Tyson chuckle beside me.

There was a tense silence.

All I could think about was last night; the kiss. I wanted it again. My stomach clenched at the thought and I tried to tell myself that it was wrong but I just couldn’t help my thoughts.

“How are you feeling?” Tyson asked tentatively.

I swallowed. Right now, what those bullies did to me was at the back of my mind. All I could think about was the fact that I wanted to relive the kiss again. Last night, it had been a desperate act of comfort on his part and a need for his love on my part. Today, I wanted to savour the feeling.

Oh my God, what the hell am I thinking? Oh my God.

“I’m fine,” I whispered, my hand shaking a little as I reached for my fork.

Tyson beat me to it and suddenly grabbed the tray, placing it on the bedside table. I glanced up at him and my gaze was helplessly drawn to his lips. He had full, peachy pink lips in a delicious pout; I knew what my twin’s lips looked like but right now they have never looked more mouth wateringly sexy. I licked my own lips unconsciously and Tyson made a tiny sound in his throat before sliding a hand into my hair, cupping my face and dragging me closer.

I don’t know who moved but our lips were suddenly pressed together. My stomach clenched at the realization that my lips were pressed against Tyson’s – against my twin’s. My heart beat became erratic and breathing seemed impossible, I was nervous and the logic part of my brain was screaming this was wrong but I just couldn’t find the strength to pull away.

At the initial moment that our lips had come in contact, I moaned. I outright moaned like some whore. Tyson didn’t seem to care as his fingers slid into the nape of my neck, stroking and tangling in my hair. At first, the kiss was slow and passionate, our lips moving together in perfect rhythm. Then we both seemed to want more because the minute I parted my lips, he slipped his tongue into my mouth.

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