Worth It (Edward Elric)

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"(Name), I'm home!" The blonde male frowned, "(Name)? Where are you?"

He walked around the little house and found himself going upstairs, into a library. Edward twisted the doorknob and saw you, reading again.

"I'm home," he announced yet again.

"Home," you parroted.

He smiled to himself as he walked to you and enveloped you in a hug.

"I missed you," he cooed.

"I missed you," you repeated again with dead eyes.

He hugged you even tighter and smirked to himself, "totally worth it."


He looked into your dead (eye color) orbs, grinning maniacally. All while you just sat, silent and cold. He already broke you, it took him a long time but he persisted and now he was just reaping the rewards.