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Shattered (Twilight FanFic) {Editing}

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Shattered Chapter 10- Beyond Angry

I ran through the woods after my rant. All I could think about was the way she looked when she started speaking about marriage with Jacob.

I felt someone trailing behind me and looked to see Jacob. The stench made me wish I never had a nose. I came to a halt and Jacob followed behind me.

"Was me raping you not an enough warning?" Jacob yelled loud enough for China to hear.

"Nope." I sounded the 'p' and saw the blood rush to his face.

"Even after rape you still persist on me not being with your daughter." Jacob stated.

" Hm I never knew you knew such a word such as Persist! It seems you need a prize." I joked.

"Well I have a joke for you." Jacob said as he grinned like a wild man.

"Yeah and what's that." I have had enough of this.

"If you tell anyone that I was the one that raped you then I will rape Nessie." He smiled.

"She is your imprint how can you even live with yourself." I growled.

"Well she did say yes to marriage." Jacob replied.

" Over. Pile. Of. Ashes. She will marry you." I growled.

"Well your probably wondering how I got her to say yes."

"Yes, please enlighten me." I rolled my eyes.

"It was simple, I just asked, and guess what?"

"What!" I was on the verge of exploding like an atomic bomb.

"Nessie is not my imprint."

"What!" I screeched.

"You are."

"What!" I screeched again.

After I calmed down slightly, I asked a question.

"How did you hide it from Edward?" There was no way in heaven Edward would let him live. 

"Well that was the hard part."

"No, really." I muttered sarcastically.

"Well I often just thought of football when ever I came by to see you, and then when Nessie came along I Fake Imprinted, so that way I have a reason to stay close to you." He took a step closer to me as I took a step back.

"You are insane!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

"Yes, but I am your insane man!" He said greedily, I think I am going to throw up some blood, if that is even possible for a vampire to do.

"You will never be my man!" I shouted as I began running towards the house. Once I stepped into the house I saw Edward by the piano. He looked up when I came in and began walking towards me. He cautiously walked until he was a few feet away from me, but then Alice came bouncing down the stairs.

"Bella, Renessmee wants to talk to you." She looked mad, she probably figured out that I was not going through with this wedding. 

"Jasper?" Just then Jasper came walking in.

"Can you make sure my emotions are in check, because if she touches me I have a feeling I will attack." I bowed my head down in shame that I cannot control myself.

"Okay, but I will come upstairs if your close to attacking."

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Robert Pattinsonas Edward Cullen
Kristen Stewartas Isabella Cullen
Kellan Lutzas Emmett Cullen
Nikki Reedas Rosalie Hale
Jackson Rathboneas Jasper Hale
Ashley Greeneas Alice Cullen
Peter Facinellias Carlisle Cullen
Elizabeth Reaseras Esme Cullen
Taylor Lautneras Jacob Black
Mackenzie Foyas Renessmee Cullen

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