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Dirty Short Stories



Kaylee grinned at Parker, knowing that they were meant to be together. He smiled back, his bright white teeth lighting up the dimly lit bedroom.

Kaylee took a step towards him, closing the short distance between them. She slung her slender arms around his neck as he wrapped his around her waist.

"I love you with all my heart." Parker whispered.

"I love you too." Kaylee said, then crashed her lips onto his. He responded quickly, moving his own full lips in perfect synchronization. Their bodies were pressed against each other, as close as possible. Parker nibbled on her bottom lip, begging for entrance, which kaylee granted happily.

She tangled her hands in his thick, silky brown hair, pulling it gently. He moaned into her mouth as she smiled flirtatiously.

They continued to kiss passionately as they backed up into the bedroom wall. Without breaking the kiss, Parker lifted kaylee up, wrapping her legs around his waist.

They had had several steamy make out sessions in the past, but this one was by far the sexiest and most heated of them yet.

Parker pulled back from the kiss, only to move down to Kaylee's lucious neck. She gasped as his lips sucked on the base of her neck, moving up to earlobe. He sucked on that gently, knowing it was Kaylee's weak spot. She moaned out in pleasure. Parker let out a deep chuckle turning Kaylee on even more.

He whispered in a deep voice into her ear, "I know all your favorite spots baby."

Kaylee bit her lip to keep from moaning just from hearing his words. Parker couldn't take it anymore as he moved his lips back onto his breathtaking girlfriend's. He moved his hands from her waist to her butt, cupping it for support. He lifted her from the wall, and gently laid her on the bed without breaking the kiss. He crawled on top of her, eager to become even closer to her.

Kaylee slid her hands under Parker's thin t-shirt, loving the feel of his hard muscles. His lower half was pushed against hers and she felt his enlarged member pressed against her inner thigh. She tugged at his shirt, pulling it up. Parker obliged to her silent request and broke their passionate kiss to lift his shirt over his head. Kaylee smiled, appreciating his muscular, defined body.

Parker saw her staring at him, love and lust in her eyes. He knew it was the same look on his face. Unable to bare the feeling of not having his lips on her, he began to suck on her delicious neck once again. He was intoxicated by the sweet smell of her soft skin. His crotch throbbed for her yearning for her body.

He began to slid his hands up her shirt feeling her thin stomach, and rubbing gently over her bra. She grabbed the hem of her shirt, lifting it over her head as he lifted his head back and watched. She flashed him a sexy smile, then quickly flipped them over, so she was on top. She straddled him, hands on his chest, smiling down at him. He grinned back, his lower half becoming even more excited. She leaned down making a trail of kisses down his torso. She brought her mouth back to his desperately. Parker felt her legs wriggling, and saw she was taking off her shorts.

Parker began to slip out of his own pants, throwing them to the ground. Kaylee moved back to devouring his neck, her long, silky blonde hair tickling his skin. She was grinding her hips against his seductively. Before they went any further, Parker spoke.

"Are you positive you want to do this baby? I mean, your a virgin. It's gonna hurt. I just want to make sure. We don't have to if you don't want to." He insured.

Kaylee caressed his face and stared into his sky blue eyes. "Parker Watkins, I have never been more positive in my life." She said, then crashed her lips onto his. He smiled into the kiss and flipped them over again, so he was back on top.

He reached behind her back and unclasped her lacy pink bra, baring her breasts to him. Her rosy nipples became hard as the cool air met them. Parker looked at them with lust in his eyes. He took no time at all to crash his mouth onto her succulent right breast, while continuing to give the other plenty of attention by massaging it gently with his left hand. His other hand was stroking her right side, from hip to outer calf. She moaned with pleasure. The feelings Parker were giving her were a whole new expierience. she felt her core heating up.

Parker moved his mouth down kaylee's torso, leaving sloppy kisses here an there. Both hands continued to knead her breasts as he reached her panties. He kissed on top of her panties, his eyes never leaving hers. His right hand came down from her breast and rubbed her core very gently through her panties. Just having his hand on something so intimate excited kaylee, but as he rubbed her, she couldn't contain herself. She squeeled in satisfaction as he began going a bit harder and faster. Finally, he slid her panties off to reveal her moist core.

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Kaylee and Parker

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