chapter 10 - Unwelcome Family Reunion

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A week had passed since Lindsey had come to the school, it was time for Cierrah and Brooke to return to school. Jinxx was not the happiest person when it came to his cousin coming, they got along, but they were never best friends. I was in the parking lot with Shelby. We had gotten to school early; there was hardly anybody in the parking lot. Just a few of the nerds who got to school super early, and some teachers. I grabbed Shelby’s hand and we walked over to bench that was sitting across the parking lot next to the grass. She sat down next to me, I could smell her perfume.

The wind was blowing; the sun hadn’t even come up yet. I wasn’t even sure why we decided we were coming to school this early.  We were wearing all black, as usual.


“Yes, Ashley?”

“I was wondering… but I know you said that we couldn’t have sex until you were eighteen, but why?” I didn’t want to ask it, but it had been on my mind all week. I wanted to have sex with her so bad.

“Is that what has been on your mind all week?”

“Yes, babe…”

She sighed. “My mom told me that I could any guy that wanted here, as long as we didn’t have sex until I was eighteen. So I promised her that.”

“Oh, really?” I was happy that was the reason instead of something else.

“Yeah, I hope you’re not mad.”

“Babe, why would I be mad. As soon as I come back from tour we are doing it.” She rolled her eyes at me.

“Maybe, if you are a good boy on tour.” She playfully smiled at me and I kissed her on the cheek.

Some of cheerleaders and football jocks were pulling into the parking lot, giving us mean looks as they passed. I heard footsteps behind us, I knew right away it was CC, he was not the kind who was good at sneaking around.

“CC, I can hear you…” I said.

“Damn it!”

CC walked around and sat on the edge of the bench.

“SO where’s Lindsey?” I asked.

“Oh, she’s coming. But she’s driving herself.”


“So, are you excited about your sister coming back today?” Shelby said, trying to join in our conversation.

“Yeah, but not so excited for Brooke?”