17. It Could Be

     I stared at the door for a few second in frustration. I would take Donovan's word for it. I took a few steps back before turning around to survey the room. It wasn't exactly any different from the room I'd slept in, but it was definately more. There were absolutely no draps which made me wonder on Damon's vampire sensitivity. The navy blue of the lush carpet made the bed almost hurt to look at. The sky blue of the satin sheets made me blink a few times. Everything else in the room was so dark and morbid, but the bed looked like a safe haven. That was the desired affect. It was made you want to go the bed where many naughty things could happen. I knew better though. I always thought I did.

     I swallowed, crossing my arms and inched forward into the room more. My eyes were on the large windows that covered the entire wall beside the bed. I was pretty sure these vampires couldn't survive in the sunlight. There was an old fashioned desk with papers scattered across it. I glanced back at the door and looked wearily back at the desk. It was time for my curiousity to come back. Damon would be here in only a few minutes so I had to be quick.

     I skittered across the room to the dingy desk, my eyes scanning over the papers. Everything else was impossibly neat and orderly, so why was his desk so messy and full of paper? But everything else here looked like bills. Nothing important. Wait. The bills would tell me where I was. I picked up the one that looked like the bill to the mansion. My eyes scanned the top to the address and my mouth dropped. I was in Skaneateles, New York. I didn't even know where the hell that was. I had gone from Florida to New York in only one night. I put the paper down where I'd picked it up from. I was about to back away when something caught my eye.

     A piece of paper sticking out of the lower cabinet of the wooden desk. I bent down and pulled it open, tugging the paper free. It was an old newspaper. The words on the top flashed Ten Year Old Girl Wins National Art Contest. Below was a picture of me holding of the painting I had created. My parents had to framed  in the living room. I remember painting it in the garage of my home. I had nothing but my imagination to go off on. It was a picture of a small European style cottage surrounded by flowers and a small river. It looked like someone from the 19th century had drawn it. I had always been an amazing artist. I could draw and paint anything I saw in my mind. 

     I stared at the newspaper, my heartbeat picking up. What was this even doing here? I put it on the floor and my eyes landed on a file in the desk. It was marked Sophie Rameriez. I looked back at the double doors quickly before pulling out the thick folder. Opening it, my eyes scanned the first document. It was a copy of my birth certificate. My eyebrows pulled together as I looked at the next few pages. They were a collection of my medical documents. My first grade school picture, an original copy. A photo of me smiling at the carnival last summer. 

      "Get me a glass of crystalized blood..." A voice outside of the doors said. 

     I shoved the papers back into the folder and back into the cabinet. In a rush, I quietly closed the drawing desk, stood up and ran over to the window. I took in a deep breath, but whoever was outside didn't open the door yet. I nervously glanced back at the desk, making sure I left things as they had originally been. I tried to even my breathing as I turned to look out the window. I was looking out the back. There was an enormous garden spreading out a couple hundred yards. High bushes created a maze with a center. I wondered what could be found there. 

      I heard the door knob turn and pretended like I was too busy staring out at the dark, eerie looking garden. The door opened, but I still didn't move. Very casually, I turned my head to look back at Damon. His black hair was pushed back away from his face so that his electric blue eyes were even more pronouced. I blinked. He contrasted well with his room.