548 Heartbeats


Dugdug. Dugdug.
Mr.Heart is beating again.
A beating heart is a sign that someone's alive. Some people say that when they see a certain someone, their heart stops, or their heart stopped beating when that person said goodbye. i suppose that applies to people who actually HAVE love lives. I want to experience that someday.

My name is Peach Xiera Anderson, and i'm a high school sophomore. People call me Xie-Xie,Xiera or Xie. I'm quite shy, and i like to think that i have a secret love life. Okay, so it's basically just me having secret crushes on different people every year.

That is, until he came.
He transferred to our science high school from a private all-boys high school known for having rich,popular and handsome students.

And yes, he's one of them. His name is Kyle I. Solomon, and the moment he stepped in our school, every girl had crush on him.

He's cute and rich, but okay, maybe he doesn't have a whole lot of brains because he"s in section V.

So yeah. He's my secret crush. But nothing's going to come out of it anyway.

It only took three months before he and the prettiest girl in our batch started dating.

When they broke up, he started going out wirh the besy dancer in our year. Smooth, right?

Of course, i'm nothing compared with his girls. i'm just a simple person. i don't do anything different witj myself, fashion-wise. i dont even know if anyone has ever had a crush on me.

Dugdug. Dugdug.
There it goes again, pounding like crazy when im thinking about Kyle.
I'm still crossing my fingers that maybe someday, this'll all be more than just me wishing and dreaming about him.

I sighed and began to walk back to the classroom to get my pen. I took the quickest route, which passed through the back of the building.

Suddenly, i caught sight of someone sitting on the ground, hunched over.
Dugdug. Dugdug.
It was Kyle. What's he doing here? Should i talk to him? My heart started beating faster.
I wonder if he can hear how hard my heart's beating right now. . .

" What are you doing here?" He asked, still looking down.
I swallowed; i didn't realized he noticed me.

Was he really talking to me? Was i dreaming?

"I asked you what you're doing here" he repeated.

Wow. So im not dreaming. I'm hearing his voice and he's talking to me. What am i waiting for? Go for it, Xeira, Say something, anything.

"I need to get somethingg from the classroom. you?"

Kyle sniffed and looked up--he was obviously crying. i gasped and swooned internally. He's REALLY cute. ^___^

This is the first time i've seen him this close. He said,
"My bestfriend just died"
"Oh my gosh" i wanted to comfort him somehow, so i asked,
"Can i sit with you?"
"Why not? We're batchmated, you know."

imI stood a little closer to him, anf he asked, "Why are you here? School's out for the day."

"I had to get my pen from my desk."
He laughed. "You came back here for a pen? Are you crazy?"

I really couldn't believe Kyle was actually talking to me. I didn't realize i was grinning until he said, "You're the only person i know who'd smile when someone tells her she's crazy"

I couldn't tell him i was smiling because he was talking to me, Could i? So i just said, "Yeah well...so,how long have you and your bestfriend known each other?"

"Five years? I don't know it been such a time. Come on, Sit down already. Am i grossing you out or something?"

How much more magical could this day get?
My heart beats even faster, if that's possible. When i sat down next to him.
"So what's your betmst friend's name?"

I wrinkled my eyebrows. "Isn't that a dog's name?"
"Yeah, he's a dog"
"i thought you were talking about a person."

He laughed. "if my best friendbwas a person, i wouldn't just be crying here. I would be bawling my eyes out." He chuckled.

"It's not just people who can be someone's best friend, you know. You're in section I, right?"

Yes, What does that have to do with anything?"
He chuckled some more. "Hah, Smart people sometimes, you forget the most basic things." He turned to me.
"You have a best friend, right? At least you have someone you can tell everything to."
"I do," i replied. "Mr. Heart"
"Cute name. Whoever that is, that's yout best friend." He stoop up. "Come on"
"Where are we going?"
"Home, ofcourse"

I was already dying from happiness, and it was impossile that this day could get even better. "But wait, my pen--"
"Here," he said. handinh his pen to me.
"Come on. I'll walk you home."
I took his pen, not believing what wad happening. He gave me his pen AND he's walking me home? Oh my gosh. He held his hand out and i took it -- it's amazing i didn't faint just from the touch of his hand
- then he pulled me up from the ground. And then we walked
to my house. Him and Me. Walking together.

This is too good to be true! He'd glance at me every now and then to check that i'm still there.

When we got to my house, i thanked him and said goodbye. He just smiled and left. I stoos by our gate. Watching him board a jeepney.
Dugdug. Dugdug

I knew it. Even though he had already left, my heart was still beating.

And i hope it never stops.

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