Masky x Cheesecake (Lemon)

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HarvestTheMoon and PhoenixReborn21, I highly recommend you don't read this. Seriously, you'll never look at me the same again.

Masky's breath was staggered, as he looked at its beautiful layers. He gripped the fork tightly as he thought about putting it in his mouth. He lifted his mask up so that only his mouth was showing.

"Masky, eat me." The cheesecake whispered to him in a seductive tone. He licked his lips as he jabbed the fork into the dessert. The cheesecake moaned as he took a bite. "That feels fantastic." Suddenly, the cheesecake started to glow and it blinded him temporarily. He looked back only to see a girl. She looked to be about his age.

He tried not to gaze down at her, because she was naked. Wait a minute.. He thought to himself. The cheesecake is gone! He frowned in disappointment. "W-who are you?" He tried to slide his mask back down, but it was forced up by the girl. He blushed as she touched him.

"I'm Cheesecake." She said and smiled. Knowing that he couldn't contain himself he quickly took off his jacket and put it on her and zipped it up.

" shouldn't g-go around...naked like t-that.." He stuttered. She grinned and hopped on his lap.

"But..why?" Her face was incredibly close to his now, and she smelled like cheesecake. Is she the cheesecake? He thought. He could smell the strawberries and vanilla.

She kissed him. She tasted of strawberries and vanilla. He now knew that this would go on further, and there was no stopped it, because he had already tasted it and, oh it was delightful. He slid his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. She yelped when he did. "I guess... we should go to your room." She winked.

She quickly ran to his room. She hopped on the bed and waited for Masky. He walked in and she could see his grin. He came over to the bed and before he could do anything, Cheesecake grabbed him, only to kiss him again.

Masky rubbed her inner thighs. She moaned softly. She backed away and there was now a line saliva connecting theirs mouths. (What the fuck did I just write.) She pulled his Mask off. He was a little surprised at first but soon got over it.

He unzipped his coat, revealing her, possibly vanilla tasting body. He ran his fingers across her thighs, making her whimper. He knelt down and took a nipple in his mouth, and his hand playing with the other. She whimpered in pleasure as his other hand was growing close to her womanhood.

He laid a trail of kisses down her stomach. When he actually reached her womanhood, she squirmed with excitement. She was wet already. He stuck his tongue out and licked the slit. He spread her warm lips apart and licked her clit. She moaned again, which made his member even harder. Masky stuck a finger in.

"Shh, Hoodie might be home any minute." He whispered. He began to finger her until finally, he unzipped his pants, they fell to his ankles and Cheesecake could see his member through the boxers. Masky slid them off. She gasped at the sight, but spread her legs anyway.

The tip was at her entrance and he looked at her for reassurance. She nodded. He slid his member in and she moaned rather loudly. He covered her mouth. Masky moved slow at first, but over time gained speed. Her moans were muffled by his hand. He could hear her say, 'Masky' behind his hand.

He uncovered her mouth and she whimpered, "Masky." He continued to go a little faster until he came. This time she coevered her own mouth. He pulled out. (Fucking done right now.)

"Masky!" He heard Hoodie from downstairs. He looked back at Cheesecake who was gone. He furrowed his brows and pulled up his pants, and then his mask. He ran out.

"Y-yes?" Masky answered.

"Where's the cheesecake?"

Masky: oAo...wha...why

Hipster_Reiner: because I love you.

Masky: then why didn't you make it you instead of cheesecake?

Hipster_Reiner: i cant be sexy im pudgy

Masky: but...that is sexy. *winks*

Hipster_Reiner: o////o!!