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Demon Love ( Black Butler boyxboy)

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Well, this is a picture of Noe for now. Maybe there's a better Noe. ----->



Ciel's POV



The sun was shining when I woke up to see Sebastian next to me smiling.


" Good morning." Sebastian said still smiling. Seeing him smile makes me smile.


" Good morning." I said giving him a good mroning kiss. It was awkward at first waking up next to a naked person when you, yourself are also naked, but I was still happy. Sebastian and I finally became one last night and it was an amazing night to top that off. I just realized that we basically never go out much since there is no more of the queen's requests and he still dresses me up. As I stood up from the bed to walk my hips started to hurt and I flopped to the ground right away.


" Ow, ow, ow" I mumbled.


" Are you all right?" Sebastian asked.


" I'm fine. It's just that my hips are hurting me." I replied while Sebastian knelt down in front of me.


" Oh, was I a little to rough last night?" He whispered into my ear.


Of course that made me blush and I yelled back, " You idiot!"



Today we actually did go outside. Not one of those romantic places of all time, but we just went on top of a cliff that were filled with roses. It was fine at first, but then all of a sudden I felt something. Something that I never experienced before. Was I hallucinating or not? I looked at Sebastian and he nodded at me. He must be feeling the same way too.


" What is this feeling?" I asked him.


"It seems that we are not the only ones here." He replied.


" What do you mean?" I asked him again.


" I mean that there seems to be another demon close by." Sebastian said. Was he serious? There is another demon close to us. Why would there be one here. There is basically nothing here. Well, Sebastian and I are into these type of stuff so are all demons like this. We basically appear in a deserted place out of nowhere?



The feeling kept getting stronger and stronger. I could feel my gut get tighter. Why was I getting nervous for?


" It's alright. I'm here." Sebastian told me. He was right. I feel safer whenever Sebastian is next to me. Again, the feeling kept getting more powerful and I became more alert to my surroundings. Then, it came. Wait, you serious? This is a demon. He looks so harmless.


" Who are you? What are you doing here?" Sebastian asked to the unknown demon.


" I could ask the same to you." He responded. " I was already here when I sensed a demon. Not one, but two." He said then turned to me and stared for a bit. " You look pretty young how old are you?" He asked me. I looked at Sebastian having this " should I tell him" look.


He nodded and I then turned to him and said " 13." He seemed a little shocked.


" Wow, how did you turn into a demon?" He asked me. Again I turned to Sebastian for help. Instead, he answered the question for me. 



" He and I used to be master and butler, but then there was this other boy that also had a demon butler that used him to get to this one." He said pointing to me. " It turned out that that boy also had another demon maid and then made another contract to her and his wish was to turn my master into a demon." He finished.


" Well, how come you still like you're still his butler?" The demon asked.


" In his last order to me before he turned into a demon was that no matter what happens to him I will ALWAYS be his butler." Sebastian answered.


" What was that boy's name?" He asked.


" Alois Trancy and this is Ciel Phantomhive." Sebastian answered. The other demon seemed to be impressed about what he heard.


" Well aren't you a smart one. You got a demon to serve you FOREVER." He said. I smiled and nodded to him. I even laughed a little when i remembered how I thought Sebastian was hopeless when I figured out what will happened.



" Anyways who are you." Sebastian asked him looking a little pissed.


" Oh, I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Noe."

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Chapter 5 : The New


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