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Hello Fascination (BoyxBoy)

Dedicated to

*Contains gay smut

Caleb's POV <3










I angrily slouch back against the car seat. I know, I know; I should just let my boyfriend be, but he's not going fast enough! He's worried the cops will see us. Pft what a pussy.

Tyler finally drives down the last block and idles in front of Chelsea's house. "Be right back!" I shout as I fly up the steps to her front door. Surprisingly, I find it locked so I ring the doorbell furiously. Her mom answers and I step back in shock. "Mrs. Day?"

She quickly pulls me into a hug and says, "Oh Caleb! Look how much you've grown! How are you?"

I swiftly shake off my shock and hug her back. "I'm excellent! See that boy over there?" I gesture behind me, "He's my boyfriend! And we're going to go have sex! So if you don't mind, I'm kind of in a hurry."

She nods in understanding and I bolt up the stairs to my best friend's room. "Yay, Chelsea, your parents are home whoop whoop and all that, but I need the box of Halloween stuff! Now, Bish!"

Chelsea smiles brightly at me but then rolls her eyes. "Sexy time with Tyler?"

I giggle at ground and fold my hands behind my back, blushing and twisting my foot bashfully. "Yeeeeah," I say in a little kid voice.

Chels sighs, but pulls out a box from the closet labeled "Halloween, Betch". I hug her tightly before I run down stairs with the cumbersome box, hitting the walls several times with the corners. I see Mrs. Day outside talking to Tyler, who is still waiting in the car. As I approach, I can hear their conversation.

"... and remember, Caleb's kind of a slut. If you want to punish him, use sex as leverage; he'll give in quickly. And --"

"Momma Day! Shut up, you'll make him think I'm a whore!" I grouchily get in shot gun with the Halloween shiz on my lap.

"Darling, you is a whore. What exactly do you plan on doing with that box of old Halloween props?" she asks with a raised brow.

I blush madly and refuse to look at neither Tyler nor Chelsea's mom in the eye. "Just drive, Tyler."

As we pull away, Tyler has a huge grin on his face while Mrs. Day can be heard cackling evilly in the distance. Bitch please.

Tyler's POV ;s


"Caleb! Stop trying to take off your clothes!" I snap, eyeing him like a wolf eyes his prey.

The cutie lets out an exasperated scoff. "How're we going to do this if my clothes are on?!"

"Well you can at least wait until we're at the tree house!" I swerve slightly to the left as a shirt flies in front of my eyes and lands on my head. I quickly pull it off and toss it back to Caleb. "That's dangerous! Put your clothes back on right now or no kinky sex. Just plain, boring sweaty sex."

"Ew. Sweat," my boyfriend scrunches up his nose in distaste, "Well I guess it'd be fine if it was your sweat." He wiggles his eyebrows and I roll my eyes at him.

"Now, Caleybear."

He grumbles and bitches about it, but complies and tugs his clothes back on. By the time we get to the woods, he's practically bouncing off of the trees in excitement. My cute little sex bunny.

I carry the box he brought up the ladder of the tree house and set it down once I was safely inside, which was not easy by the way; Caleb, who was climbing up behind me, found it necessary to slap my ass every third step or so. I love 'em, but he's a handful.

When Caleb steps into the tree house for the second time, he still looks around in awe.I kept the soft white Christmas lights strung up because I know how much he liked them before. The futon behind the beanbag chair has a few pillows and quilts on it from when I used to camp out here.

I move the beanbag chairs out of the way and pull out the futon so I can make it into a bed in this cramped area. Even though this tree house is fairly big, it's no bigger than an attic space and I still have to crouch so I don't hit my head on the ceiling.

When I turn around, Caleb's looking at me like when I first caught him staring at me from our windows: with lust, amazement, and wonder. But this time there's also love in his look and I wrap my arms around him in reply to his wordless comment. "I love you, Caleb."

"I love you too," he smiles shyly up at me. What? Where's all that sexual spunk he held up before? Don't get me wrong, this timid, shy side is adorable, but he was so sure about wanting to make love before.

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