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Before You I Serve Nothing [What's Fate: Book 2]


DOUBLE DIDGETS BABY!!! You guys should feel lucky i'm sick or you wouldnt have gotten this chapter much quicker lol just kidding i love you guys - Asia 


*Matt’s POV*

Aghhh! I can say I’m one fucking happy bastard right now! If you didn’t notice or figured it out Lexi and I fucked last night. Yep, I scored last night.

I wonder if I was her first.

No… I mean One she is pretty sexy and well she was with Oli and she probably laid the first night they started dating... And Two I mean it was pretty good. She seemed to have experience….. Yeah you know what I’m gonna shut up before I get the fuck scared out of you.

I went down the stairs from the bunks and came to the lounge area. Oli was making breakfast and Lee and Jona where watching SpongeBob. It was the Episode where Pearl has her 16th birthday. I giggled as SpongeBob stalked pearl around the mall.

“Hey… MATT… What’s up?” Oli said between chews of cereal.

“Finish your fucking food fat ass.” I said rolling my eyes, and making my way to the couch.

“Hey Matt... Uhm you know you never came back last night... Where were you?” Lee questioned.

Jona chuckled. “HA! Probably fucking Lexi!” Jona hollered. The fucking knob head. I could almost feel Oli stiffen and die when Jona said that. I tried to brush it off but his eyes bore into the side of my head.

“Shut up Jona! And Lee why you so interested? It’s not your damn business anyways…” I said smirking.

“YOU DID!” Jona yelled. That bitch can be so loud.

Everyone stared at me waiting for my response. I just gave them one of those ‘HELL YEAH’ looks. Jona’s, Lee’s, and Oli’s eyes got huge. Jona and Lee made OOOO-ing sounds while Oli literally spit up the cereal he was eating. Well uhm I guess he really wasn’t expecting me to say yes.

“Last night? At her place?” Jona asked finally still giggling like a school girl.

“Yup!” I said happily.

“Did you make the first move, or her?” Lee asked.

“Me but she didn’t resist a bit.” I said smirking, a bit proudly.

“Well Lexi just has a thing for fucking our band mates...” Jona said amusedly looking at Oli. Oli just gave us a blank disappointed stair.

“I didn’t fuck her...” Oli said coldly.

“WHAT?!” We all said in unison.

“Yeah in the time we were together she wasn’t ready. She didn’t wanna rush into things, and I wasn’t gonna push her.”

“Wow knowing you I thought you guys would’ve fucked by day 2.” Lee said letting out a little chuckle at the end of his sentence.

“Yeah I just had much respect for her, and I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize our relationship.. But yeah know…. Here I am now!” Oli said shrugging his shoulders.

Wow…. Just wow.

“So…was she a virgin when you two where together?” I questioned.

“I believe so... I think that’s why she-uhm we didn’t rush into things. And I highly doubt her and THAT Andrea Beirsack chick fucked.” Oh.

“Wow…. For someone with no experience she was pretty. DAMN…”

“Matt that’s yours and Lexi’s personal life. Don’t talk about it in front of us please. . . . .  And don’t talk about her like she is just another band slut. She’s your girlfriend show her some respect, and don’t talk about how she fucks.” Haha, he’s getting pissed.

“Oh Oli you probably just don’t want to hear me talk about what you never GOT!”

 Oli stopped in his tracks, and let out a deep sigh like he was about to burst out into a rage of yelling. Instead he sucked in air and I think began… crying? He went out the door then slamming it shut. I ran out the door and stood on the steps calling for Oli.

“Hey Oli I got a song for you…” He turned and looked at me with red eyes.

“WHEN MY TEARDROPS GET ISSUES, I CANT JUST USE JUST ANY TISSUES! I NEED 4-PLY, 4-PLY, 4-PLY WHEN I CRY! HUUUH!” At the end of my solo I was graced with the beautiful number one sign. Oh Oli…

*Anastasia’s POV*

I woke up and sat up with a very geeked up back; I rubbed my eyes and discovered I was on the fucking floor. What the hell?

I felt a hand run up my thigh making me jump and just about take all the air out of the room. I looked down at the hand and followed my gaze up to the person it belonged to.

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