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I lost my virginity to my nieghbor


´╗┐Hey peoples^.^ The last chapter was definitely better than the one 

before. So anyway I am trying to make this one longer so here goes 

nothing. I know it is moving fast but thats how it's suppose to be.

Greg's Point of View 

Telling Jullissa that the baby was born without an immune system 

was hard. I didn't want my son to be the boy in the bubble. I know 

this is very hard for her to take in, gee it's hard for me to take in. I 

don't want her to go through all this crap.  

"Greg it's all my fault. My family has a history for having disorders 

and diseases" Jullissa said crying. 

I wrapped my arms around her. 

"It's not your fault, we'll get through this together no matter what" 

I told her comforting. 

"You promise me that" She asked with a little relief in her eyes. 

"I promise" And with that I placed a soft kiss on her lips. 

"I believe ya Greg" She said smiling. 

"I have something to tell you Jullissa" I said. I've been waiting to 

ask her this and here it is. 

"Jullissa Hernandez I love you because you bring out a side of me 

that I knew existed. You make me a good person and I've started to 

see myself in a different way. I miss when your not around but 

your in my mind all the time. I want to spend the rest of my life 

with you. I will love and cherish you for as long as I live. Will 

you marry me and be Jullissa Ortiz?" And with that I went on 

my knees.  

She had tears in her eyes and some were running down her 


"Yes I do" I kissed her. When we pulled apart we heard 

clapping. We looked around and noticed that half the hospital 

was in the doorway. Doctors, nurses, and even some patients. I 

pulled out a ring out my pocket. It was passed on for generations 

and my dad told me to give it to the girl I thought was the one 

and for me Jullissa was her. The ring was very old fashion. It had 

a bright shining ruby in the middle with designs going all around 


I slipped it on her finger and kissed her again and our audience 

clapped. I got of my knees and sat back in the chair next to her. 

The audience was still there as if they were waiting for 


"You guys can go now" I told them. 

I got a couple of okays and whatevers. Who cares, I got the girl 

of my dreams. But I can still tell she was upset about the baby 


Jullissa's Point of View************** 

Greg asked me to marry him and I said yes but I am still afraid 

about the whole baby part. I bet Greg could tell cause he gave me 

sad eyes. 

"It's gonna be ok baby we'll get through it" Greg told me for the 

umpteen time. 

"I know plus we can always try again" I said giving him one of 

my sexy smirks. 

"Ohhhh I like it when you talk dirty Mrs. Ortiz" He said 

smirking. The whole last thing name made me jump a little. 

"It's gonna take time to get used to the whole "Mrs. Ortiz" thing" 

I told him. 

"We've got time" He started kissing my neck and he hit my soft 

spot. I started moaning and Greg was on the hospital bed with 

my hands in his hair. The door busted open and a doctor walked 


"There is no hospital sex in Saint Illness" He said smirking. He 

looked in his late 20's. Blonde hair ,blue eyes, pale skin.  

"Sorry doctor" I mumbled. 

"Just don't be too loud your disturbing the patients" The doctor 

said walking out. 

Greg started kissing my neck and I pushed him away. 

"He said be quiet not stop" Greg said giving me a pleading look. 

"Well I say stop, not here, not now" I said firmly. 

"Umph" Greg said giving me a pout. 

"Is Greg sad" I asked. 

"Yes" He replied with 5 year old voice. 

"Suck it up" I said with an evil smile. 

"Whateva Mrs. Ortiz" He said smirking. Gosh he's like the King 

of Smirks. 

******************* A couple months later ************** 

Like in the movie the boy in the bubble, our son Alejandro or 

what I call him Ali, he lived in a freaking bubble. I never got to 

hold him. It has been a couple months since he has been born 

and the doctors said he wasn't doing so good. Today we are 

taking him the doctors. 

"He's not doing too well Mr and Mrs Ortiz. I am afraid he only 

has minutes left" The doctor old us. 

"What?????" I started crying. My first baby and this happened's. 

"I am sorry cherish the last moments you have with him" The 

doctor said walking out. 

Greg held him and then passed him to me. This is the first and 

last time I am going to be holding him. My baby Ali. I cried 

while I held him. Then he went limp in my arms and his eyes 

closed. I shook him gently. 

"Ali wake up" I was scared now.

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