The Truth Of Life


In life we live

In life we give

In life we love

In love we live

In love we bask

In love we mask

In love we lie

In lies we bask

In lies we learn

In lies we burn

In lies we survive

But still we will die

In the end there is none

No love lies nor hate

In the end there is one

Forever peace and grace

Because in life we love

In love we lie

In lies we bask

Always 'neath masks

meh, gloomy as usually. maybe not as good cuz i came up with this as i was typing and spent little time on it... but it's a new poem. and its posted before some of my older ones, not too sure if that's good or not but i'm posting older ones soon. tomorrow prolly unless i get the chance at my mamaws. i'm kinda babbling so i'm just gonna shut up now ^^


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