*The Motto* [boyxboy]


*Chapter 3*


Lunch rolled around and my tummy was aching for some food. Only problem was..I couldnt find the damn lunch room! I asked people for help and they all looked at me like I was crazy and ignored me.


God! What does a boy have to do to get food around here!




I turned at the sound of my name, and low and behold it was Mr. James Daniels! I wonder if he was still mad about my teasing earlier. Why should he be mad, he started it.


"Are you going to speak or stand there looking like an idiot."


"What?!" I snapped. Did he just call me an idiot. Me?! Zachary Micheal Haynes an idiot?!


"The boy speakes." he threw his hands up in the air, sacastically. Ive just decided I dont like this guy. Cockiness is so very unattractive and he was oozing it from his very pours. I looked at him in digust. Sticking out my tongue at him, in a very childish way, I turned around and headed (hopefully) to the cafeteria.


"Your going the wrong way Zachikins." he said, and I could hear the smirk in his voice.


Keeping my chin up I stalked past him. Well tried to, until he put his arm around my waist and slammed my back into a nearby wall. Did I mention that I hated being cornered, like some kind of animal. I kicked my foot out, and it connected with his shin. He cursed, but didnt let go.


"Fiesty. I like my toys fiesty." he said, putting his hands on either side of my face. Great now I was really trapped, and I was still friggen hungry!!


"Im not your toy. Can you let me go so I can eat please?" I asked in the kindest voice I could manage.


"Im sorry Zachikins, but after that stunt you pulled this morning its only fair that I get even. And what you did only made me want you more." he breathed the last sentence in my ear, causing my body to shudder. Damn! My ear is freakin sensitive.


"Your just a tease. And I dont want you." I snapped.


He chuckled. "Everyone wants me Zachary. In one way or another. And judging from the hard-on that you have right now, you want me the same way I want you. Only this time you will finish what you start." he growled.


I looked down and low and behold I was hard. Damn! Is this what finding lunch is going to be like everyday. Me getting lost and ending up with a boner, with James.


So. Not. Cool.


"Hey!" he snaped his fingers infront of my face. "Do you always space out?"


"When Im hungry yes!" I stuggled to get away from him.


He let me go. I was breathing on, and this hard-on I have is really starting to bother me. Plus im fucking starving!!


"Ill take you to the cafeteria. But I want something in return."


I rolled my eyes getting impatient.




"E-excuse me?"


"One night. I want you. All to myself."


Why should I decline. Its not like we will actually have sex or anything. He will jus tease me and call it a day.




He smiled. "Ok. Lets get Zachikins to the lunch room before he dies of starvation."


I scoffed. "What am I supposed to do about this?!" I gestured to my lower section.


He shrugged. "Not my problem. You fix it."


Ok Zachary. Think of something gross. Not about James. Think of your grandmother. Yes! All that flabby wrinkly old skin. How her boobs sag down onto her knees, and she's missing teeth.


When I opened my eyes, and took a deep breath and looked down. All clear.


We made it to the lunch room and I ran to the food.


After I got my food I looked for Tyler. I found him sitting with another boy and a girl. I sat my stuff down and sat down. Everyone was quiet, talk about awkward.


"Uhh..Tyler baby. Can you introduce me? Or can you introduce them, cuz I hate awkward silences."


The girl squealed. She thrusted her hands forward. "Hi! Im Mandi. Thats Carter. You must be Zachary. Tyler wasnt lying, you are so sexy!"


I looked over at Tyler, who was blushing a deep red. Hes so friggen adorable, and he thinks im sexy?! Well Tyler baby thats makes two of us.


"ZACHIKINS!!" I heard James shout from across the lunch room. Luckily the rest of the lunchroom wasnt paying attention. When our eyes made contact he walked over here. He sat down next to me and slung his arm over my shoulders, making me lean into him. He smelt nice.






My eyes were locked with James'. He smirked and pulled Zach further into his arms. And Zach didnt seem to mind at all. Did he know that all he did was tease! Did Zach not care?!


James chuckled as he mouthed at me. 'Jealous?'


I stood up from the table angrily. That no good, teasing piece of shit! All he was gonna do was hurt my Zachary and I didn't want that to happen. Once upon a time I loved James. I loved him so much that it hurt. Until that one night he got me alone, the little virgin that I was, riled me up and left me. What happened after that fucking scarred me for the rest of my life. And I was not about to sit there and watch Zach go through the same thing.




AN: I apologize for this short and crappy chapter!!! My computer was just taken away so I had to hurry and finish this chapter! It's getting fixed!


Next one will be longer! I promise!!



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