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Lives Of A Twin [EDITING/ON HOLD/Lack Of Intrest]


The Twins --------->>>

one has a mole!



I screamed, storming out of my sisters room. Sometimes she just really knew how to get under my skin with all her sarcasm and attitude. I went down the hall and to the right, heading towards my bedroom. Closing the door behind me, I headed towards the laptop on my desk and proceeded to open Twitter, starting to tweet.

"Even though she gets on my nerves I still love her. I could never live with out my other half." I admitted to myself

I swear even when im mad at that chick she always knows how to put a smile on my face. We may fight, argue, and scream at each other but she would always be my other half, my twin.

"Is everything alright up there I heard yelling?" I turned from my desk and walked over to the small intercom near my door.

"Yes everything is fine just a friendly argument" I answered back, pressing the red button

"Alright dinner will be ready in 20 minutes" The comforting voice said

"Roger that" I said. I walked back to my computer and let my mind wonder, continuously staring at my twitterfeed .

To think just four months ago we were still with the foster home; no parents, no money, and sharing a room with four other people. My mom had dropped us off at the front porch of that place, when we were only six months old. We were being raised on the streets because the foster parents we had never really gave two shits about us. They only ever wanted the government checks.

We stayed out there way and they stayed out our way. It was a mutual agreement. It started with just us three us then this other kid then when we turned fourteen one more came and every couple months another came.They were children 4 or 5 they said because we were getting older and once we turned 18 they wouldn’t be able to get any more checks.We grew up in the "ghetto" as people would call it.We were "ghetto" my twin and I.


     That is when everything changed. The state sent someone to check out my foster home because the neighbors sent in complaints. We were taken away and put into a orphan home my twin and I knew it would get worse. Since we were fifteen, we had no chance of getting adopted. Who would want to adopted teenagers? Babies and toddlers were far more interesting. We were alone in the world with only each other for company.

However, a couple came in one day and we were finally recognized. We did not care to try to be noticed at first. The couple would obviously want younger kids, well, that is what we thought, but then they pointed to us and walked over. The lady that walked over to us had  beautiful black ,flowing hair, olive colored skin, and was curvy in all the right places. She was gorgeous. The man next to her was no different either. He was tall, with jet black hair, the same olive colored skin, and a built frame. The couple was dressed very fancy. They were like a couple out of a Italian Vouge magazine.

"What is your name?" The lady spoke first

"Anju" I said to her.

"Anju would you and your twin like to come live with us as a family?" She said her husband right by her side, who was giving us a perfect white smile.

My twin was was crying with joy and answered for both of us "Yes!"

She hugged us both and he spoke "Welcome to the family" he said with an accent that was undeniably spanish.

“Anju!" My twin screamed through the intercom breaking my train of thought. "Dinners ready, can you hear me?"

"I’m on my way down now!" I said into the intercom.


I took one last look as Anju stormed out of my bedroom. I sighed and grabbed my iphone, tweeting:

"Even though she gets on my nerves I still love her. I could never live with out my other half."

I put my phone down. Wow! She really is sensitive! She was definitely the emotional one as it were, but the tweet was true; she was my other half and I loved her no matter what.

Then I heard a sudden, gentle voice come from the intercom from my door, "Adrian, dinner will be in twenty okay?"

"Alright" I responded

I’m really nothing like my twin. We have almost the same face but two completely different styles and personality.  I have a hard outer shell more so than she does, but what we share is that we can both be complete bitches when we wanted to. I remember the last time I was emotional like she just was, which was when they adopted us

"Welcome to the family" He said with his accent. I was balling my eyes out while Anju held me.

" We will draw the paperwork up if you wanna sit and learn a little bit more about each other you can go into the front room" The social worker said

We all got up and went to the front room. None of us had any idea where to start.

"Why teenagers?" I said, the question was bothering me.

" Well...” The couple trailed off, “We wanted kids but weren't able to conceive so we thought about adoption and with our busy work schedules there was no room for 24 hour baby care. So we decided teenagers and they told us you were just sixteen we thought you two would be perfect.”

"What do you do if you don't mind me asking" Anju said politely. She was always the polite one and sweet, while I was direct and usually rude.

"My wife is a international fashion designer. I am a lawyer and entrepreneur" He said, his accent getting strong as he spoke

"Alright folks! The paperwork has been drawn but the social worker would like if the girls stayed here a little longer and  gotten to know y’all over time. It could be troubling if they went home with you all of a sudden"

After that they came to see us often and two months later we were allowed to go with them. We moved into a beautiful house on the north it looked humongous it was three stories and massive. the first floor was just the dinning room, common room, living room, bathroom, and a glass sliding door to the porch/back yard.

There was a east wing and west wing our rooms was on the west wing while theres on the east. The east also included their work space, library, sewing room, and many other things.

Our side was what every teen ager wanted a separate library,game room,mini movie theater, our rooms and three guest rooms and a small dance studio, for Anju’s dancing, and more.

"Time for dinner Adrian" The voice said again

I snapped out of it and said "Alright.”

"Wait before you leave, can you please get Anju to come down? I cannot get ahold of her through the intercom.”
"Can do." I assured her and then pressed the button that said "Anju R"

"Anju!" I got no response so I tried again,"Dinners ready! Can you hear me?”

"I’m on my way down now!"

I made my way down the hallway. My room was in the beginning of the hall way. Anju’s room was at the end towards the right. It was in between a hangout room with a flat screen with a sofa and mini fridge. We both came out at the same time.

" You know we have been living here for like two months and I can still barely find my way to the dinning room." she giggled, the earlier fight completely forgotten.

I looked at her and shared the same giggle we both needed each other just to get down the to the first floor. I walked in front getting to the second floor was my specialty, but Anju took care of the navigating it.


I watched her as she walked. Adrian had on a  Hollister sweat suit and some flip flops. She was 5'4 and curvy, with a small waist. Yea,  guys loved her look but since we were twins we shared the same body so I was just as curvy. I had on a juicy couture sweat suit, which was neon green. Our skin was carmel and our hair was long, down to our lower back, with hints of brown.She was were the same on the outside, but completely different on the inside. We were twins.

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