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المصطلحات السياسية المترجمة لمؤلفلها مشكورا


B'EH3 'D,ED H'DE57D-'* 'D3J'3J) 'DE*1,E)  

#E'EC #JG' 'DB'1& C*'( ,/J/ (9FH'F " 'DEEJ2 AJ 'DE57D-'* H'D,ED 'D3J'3J) 'D-/J+) " 'F G0' 'DC*'( G'E ,/' DCD 4.5 E.*5 H:J1 E.*5 AJ E,'D 'D3J'3)

-J+ JE+D G0' 'DC*'( 'D3E) 'D#3'3J) D951F' 'D-'DJ H#J6' JE+D '-/J 9D'E'* 'D*7H1 'D-6'1J DD(41J). 

AJ G0' 'D3J'B J#*J G0' 'DC*'( DJB/E *5H1' H'6-' -HD 'DEA'GJE 'D#3'3J) DDEA1/'* H'D,ED 'D3J'3J) -J+ -15F' 9DJ *B/JE 'DEA1/'* H'D,ED (H6H-. 

'F G0' 'DC*'( " 'DEEJ2 AJ 'DE57D-'* H'D,ED 'D3J'3J) 'D-/J+) " GH C*'( 'DD:) 'D91(J) HE' JB'(DG' EF 'DD:) 'D'F,DJ2J) 'D0J 7'D 'F*8'1G

-J+ BE* (G0' 'D9ED 'DE*H'69 AJ 'D%9/'/ AJ A*1'* *.DDG' 'D*9( H'D,G/ HDCF (9HF 'DDG *9'DJ 'F*GJ* EF %9/'/ G0' 'DC*'( HH5D* 'DJ ".1 E7'A 'D9ED 'DE*H'69. 

HF7D( EF 'DDG 'D9DJ 'DB/J1 'F FCHF B/ HABF' AJ %9/'/ G0' 'DC*'( H'F JCHF EAJ/' HG'/A' DD,EJ9 HF#ED (G0' 'DC*'( 'F F3*+J1 7'B'* E-(J HB'1&J 'D3J'3). 

H#.J1' F3'D 'DDG 92 H,D 'F J3,D G0' 'D,G/ H'D9ED 'DE*H'69 AJ 3,D -3F'*F' H'F FCHF B/ -BBF' 'DG/A 'D0J F39I %DJG HGH %16'! E-(J HB'1&J 'DEA1/'* 'D3J'3J). 

%9/'/ 'D#3*'0 / 

CA'- -E/'F 'DE51J 

.'F JHF3 / AD37JF / 2007 E 

'&*D'A Coalition 

%('/) ,E'9J) Genocide 

%(9'/ 'D#,'F( Expulsion 

'*,'G Attitude 

'*-'/ Union 

'*-'/ Unity 

'*-'/ 'D(1J/ 'D9'DEJ Universal Postal Union 

'*-'/ 'D4('( 

'D/JEB1'7J 'D9'DEJ World Federation Of 

Democratic Youth 

'*-'/ 'D7D'( 'D/HDJ International Union  

Of Student 

'*-'/ ,E1CJ Customs Union 

'*-'/ /HDJ International Unity 

'*-'/ CHFA/1'DJ Confederation 

'*5'D ,E'GJ1J Mass Communication 

'*A'B 'B*5'/J Economical Agreement 

'*A'B 'D3D9 'D/HDJ) International Commodities Agreement 

'*A'B 'DG/F) Armistice Agreement 

'*A'B *,'1J Commercial Agreement 

'*A'B +B'AJ Cultural Agreement 

'*A'B +F'&J Bilateral Agreement 

'*A'B ,E'9J Collective Agreement 

'*A'B 5F'9J Industrial Agreement 

'*A'B E'DJ Financial Agreement 

'*A'B FG'&J 9'/D The Final Equitable 


'*A'BJ'* (JF 'D/HD 0'* 'D3J'/) Agreement Between 

Sovereign States 

'*A'BJ) Convention 

'*A'BJ) / '*A'B Agreement 

'*AB ('D%,E'9 9DI To Agree Unanimously 

'*C'D Dependence 

%*E'E Completion 

'*G'E Accusation 

'*G'E Indictment  

#+'1 / #JB8 / -1C Arouse 

#,'F( Foreigners 

%,('1J Compulsory 

',*E'9 'DD,F) Committee Meeting 

',*E'9 31J Secret Meeting 

',*E'9 9ED Work Meeting 

',*E'9J Social 

',*J'- Invasion 

',*J'- Devastation 

%,1'!'* #EFJ) Security Procedures 

%,1'!'* Procedures 

%,1'!'* 'D'F*.'('* Election Procedures 

%,1'!'* B'FHFJ) Legal Procedures 

#,1J* 'D'F*.'('* AJ ,H  

EF 'DH/ The Negotiation Were  

Carried Out In Friendly Atmosphere 

#,1J* 'DE-'/+'* AJ ,H EF 'DH/  

H'D*9'HF The Talks Were Carried Out 

In A Friendly And 

Cooperative Atmosphere 

",D' #E 9',D' Sooner Or Later 

%,E'9 Consensus 

%,E'9 / *H'AB Consensus 

#,F/) 3J'3J) Political Agenda 

#,J'D Generations 

#-(7 G0G 'DE-'HD) To Frustrate This Attempt 

'-*,', Protestation 

'-*1'E Respect 

'-*1'E 'DFA3 Self - Respect 

'-*1'E E*('/D Mutual Respect 

'-*A'D Celebration 

'-*A'D Festival 

'-*C'1 Monopoly 

'-*C'1 'D(J9 Monopoly Of Selling 

'-*C'1 'D*,'1) 'D.'1,J) Monopoly Of Foreign Trade 

'-*C'1'* #,F(J) Monopolies Foreign 

'-*C'C Friction 

'-*C1 Monopolize 

'-*D'D Occupation 

'-*D'D 93C1J Military Occupation 

'-*H'! Containment 

'-*J'7J Reserve 

#-/'+ Events 

#-/'+ /'EJ) Bloody Events 

#-/'+ G'E) Important Events 

%-5'! 'D3C'F Census 

%-5'! 3C'FJ Population Census 

#-C'E 'F*B'DJ) Provisional Regulations 

#-C'E E3(B) Prejudgments  

%-D'D 4J! E-D 4J! ".1 Displacement 

#-H'D 4.5J) Personal Status 

#.('1 News 

#.('1 E-DJ) Local News 

'.*('1 'D#3D-) Testing Of Weapons 

'.*1'B Penetration 

'.*1'B D-5HF 'D9/H Breakthrough 

'.*1B 'D-5'1 To Run The Blockade 

'.*1B 'D-5'1 Break The Blockade 

'.*1B ,/'1 'D5H* To Break The Sound Barrier 

'.*7'A 'D7'&1'* Hijacking 

'.*D'3 Embezzlement 

'.*D'A Difference 

'.*D7 'D-'(D ('DF'(D Everything Become Confused 

'.*F'B Suffocation 

'.*J'1 / 'F*B'! Selection 

#.0 ('D+'1 Revenger 

#.0 9DJ 9'*BG To Under Take 

#.0 9DJ 9'*BG He Took Upon His Own Shoulders 

#.D ('D#EF To Disturb The Peace 

%.D'! Evacuation 

%.D'! 3(JD Release 

%.D'! 3(JDG (CA'D) Release On Bail 

#.D'BJ) Morality 

%.D'D Disturb 

%.D'D ( Breach 

%.D'D ('D#EF Breach Of Peace 

%.E'/ / BE9 Suppression 

%/'1) Management 

'/'1) 'D#2E'* Crisis Management 

'/'1) 'D#4:'D 'D9'E) Public Works 


%/'1) 'D*-1J1 Board Of Editors 

'/'1) 'D*9'HF 'D/HDJ The International 

Cooperation Administration 

'/'1) 'D7J1'F 'DE/FJ Civil Aeronautics Administration 

'/'1) E/FJ) Civil Service 

'/A9 H-ED Cash And Carry 

#/DJ (4G'/) To Testify 

%0' '3*E1 'D*H*1 


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