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The Virginity Game


Chapter 8: Too Close

My immediate response was to just walk away. I was fairly sure it was Brett from the sound of his voice even though I had barely heard him at all. Within a millisecond, I had practically run five feet away and I was still speed walking away from the unknown person. I made the mistake of heading down the dead end hallway, but it wasn’t like I could help it. The hallway that the art room branched off of ended abruptly with only a slight bend at the end, a place some kids would hang out at lunch time. It was either go down here, or try to slip past him... and I bet that wouldn’t work out too well.

As I continued my quick but short walk down the hallway almost making it to the end, an arm snaked around my waist pulling me into the corner and pinning me against the wall, his other arm also wrapping around my waist. Immediately, I dropped my sketchbook, as well as my purse, and put my hands up to his chest as I braced myself to push him off of me.

“Whoa- Autumn! Chill out, it’s just me.” As I locked eyes with Jeydon, mine immediately narrowed. I pushed on his chest in an attempt to get away, my face falling into a look of frustration as he went to the opposite side of the narrow little corner and pulled me by the waist with him. With him holding me in place right up against him, I still struggled to get loose.

“Jeydon, fucking let me go!” With frustration leaking into my voice, he loosened his grip slightly and I had a little more room to get away from his body. “Let me go, you dumbass, I’m going to be late!” Realizing there was no use to continue struggling any more, I gave up and looked at his face again. I had to admit he looked adorable now that I was looking down on him slightly, thanks to the angle we landed. His pretty smile was back on his face, clearly he enjoyed watching me squirm. I knew it was wrong, but the butterflies returned and I felt my skin go hot where his made contact with me, even through my clothes.

“There’s almost ten minutes until the bell rings, and I just want to talk.” His face and tone took on a pleading vibe and my own face looked confused in response. I didn’t know what he could want to talk about, not anything that I’d listen to anyway.

“About what, exactly?”

“Well,” He cleared his throat slightly before continuing, a fact that bugged me and made me want to strangle him. “I know you got a ride here with Kyle and all, so that means you don’t have a ride home...” I closed my eyes and cursed. He was right. It hadn’t even crossed my mind when I agreed to let Kyle drive me here. “But then I found out you have to work after. So I want you to know that I would be more than happy to drive you to work.”

Without even thinking (a nasty habit of mine), I blurted “Natalie’s driving me.” When his facial expression hadn’t changed, I knew he already anticipated that. Which means he probably asked her already... which means he knows I’m lying. I can only hope that he wasn’t smart enough to ask her beforehand.

“Oh,” I saw his mouth tilt up to one side, almost like a smirk but his expression came off more like he was thinking. That’s a dangerous thing. When his face stopped showing he was thinking, it turned into a full on smirk.“’Kay, well if you ever need a ride, you have my number. Or do you need me to put it into your phone?”

“Fuck off,” I rolled my eyes, trying to hide the small smile tugging its way onto my face and gave a final push to free myself. His hands slid off of me, managing to skid across my ass on their way. Picking up my sketchbook and my purse, I began walking back towards my art class. Trying to refrain from fixing my bunched up shirt to try to appear unfazed by what he’d just done and knowing he was still behind me, I just walked.

“Autumn,” It happened so fast I couldn’t stop it. I felt him grab my left hand and tug me towards him. That wasn’t what was shocking, I sort of expected that when he called my name. What was shocking is that as I spun he dropped my left hand, using his left to cup my face and his right to smash my body closer to his. Before I knew what was going on, his lips were on mine. I released my sketchbook, my eyes widened and my stomach clenched. I hadn’t expected that to happen, and I definitely wasn’t prepared for that.

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Jessica Albaas Autumn Philips
Shenae Grimesas Natalie Brooks
Authur Salesas Brett Reiter
Jesse McCartneyas Travis Gallagher
Alex Pettyferas Jeydon Williams
Alex Evansas David Gilmore
Dave Francoas Mark Brown
Ariana Grande as Kassey Smitt
Jeremy Youngas Kyle Lenard
Zac Efronas Steven Jacobs
Rachel McAdamsas Samantha Corodin
Salma Hayekas Megan Philips

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