collection of love poems :)

Dedicated to
Christine Joan Lu



We were young when we first met

We became friends and feel no more than that

You deeply fell in love with another pretty girl

And I was really hurt because I’m very much in love with you.

As I sit here beside you, I imagined that you kissed me, hugged me and told me that you love me so

But then you told me that you love someone else and that woke me up

As we were talking ‘bout the things that happened to us in our past, she came and interrupted us

I was in real pain when you chose her over me yet I managed to fake a smile and wished you both to be happy.

I don’t know when, where and how did it happen

I just woke up one day madly, deeply and very much in love with someone like you, with you, my friend

I know you don’t feel the same towards me

And that hurts me so.

I don’t care if you love her or not

What I care about is what I am feeling for you

Once you became an INSPIRATION to me but now you’re a big DISTRACTION

One thing would be certain that ILOVEYOU more than anything else in this world.













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