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Hello wattpaders, dudes, dudettes and directioners... this is part one of Harry's story I hope you liked it xx As per usual the next chapter will be uploaded tomorrow soo stay posted xx :) Please comment and vote and of course ENJOY!

Harry’s  POV-

“Yes Lu,” I said down the phone while climbing out the taxi, “Lu, seriously it’s ok. I’m with my folks and the boys I’ll be fine.”

“But I was supposed to be with you... you sure it’s ok if I stay in London with Lexie?... She’s going back in a week and I don’t really--”

I cut Louis short, “I don’t mind I’ll be fine alright! Now stop bloody worrying and get back to your girlfriend!”

Louis growled, “She’s not my girlfriend.”

I chuckled, “Yet.” Louis gave a sarcastic laugh down the phone, “Bye Lu.”

“By Harry... I love you.” I stayed silent ready to hang up the phone when I heard him squeal at me, “Where’s my ‘I love you’?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes, “I love you two Louis.”


The line went dead.


 I got into the house and saw my Mum at the door her arms already wide open, “Here’s my boy!”

While getting squeezed very tightly I heard Liam and Niall arguing outside with Zayn’s laugh echoing around them.

“That’s my suitcase!” Niall moaned.

“Does it even matter Niall whose suitcase we are carrying?” Liam snapped.

“Yes! Mine is lighter! Yours weighs a tone with all the bloody hair products you have stashed in every space available!” Niall shouted.

“Oh yeah and all those Jaffa cakes stuffed in yours don’t make it weigh a tone!”

Niall scoffed, “Leave my Jaffa cakes outta this!”

My Mum shouted a little too close to my ear, “Both of you shut up and get inside before I confiscate both hair products and Jaffa Cakes!”

I’ve never seen either one of them move so fast.

  My Mum gave me one more squeeze and passed me on to my Step-Dad while she opened her arms for Niall, Liam and Zayn.

My Step-Dad hugged me and grinned while I heard Zayn, Liam and Niall all whine as my Mum gripped them all very tightly.

“Good to see you again boys,” Mum said releasing them as they all caught their breath.

“And you,” said Niall clutching his chest with his fist.

“How long are you here for?” my Step-Dad asked as Mum shut the front door.

“Two days,” I replied, “Then me, Liam and Niall are going to Ireland to see Niall’s family while Zayn goes to see his family in Bradford for the weekend. Then Louis is meeting us in Ireland for the rest of the week.”

My Mum scoffed, “We get you for two days?” I nodded, “Well...” she sighed, “Two days is better than none.”

She kissed my cheek, “Anyone fancy a cuppa?”

We all said ‘I’ as she disappeared into the kitchen. My Step-Dad moved out of the way and led us all in to the lounge where we all collapsed on the couch. I loved this couch. It was so soft and amazing that when you sat in it you just sunk--- bliss.

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Part One (Harry's story)

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