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Mirror Mirror (On Hold)

Dedicated to

A girl named Alice

With hair of gold

Fell down the rabbit hole


There she met a mischievous cat;

with hidden intentions

A man with a hat;

on Alice's side for sure

And a girl adorned in flowers;

a mystery to all


To find her way home

Alice must kill the ones

Who hold her soul captive


With blood stained hands

She completed her task

Killing the cat in the process


The Queen of Hearts

Clad all in black

Wanted the poor girl's soul


She had Alice captured

By a band of Suits

That brought her to the castle


But there were things

The Queen could not foretell

And so she died by the young girl's hand


The time had come

For Alice to leave

So stepped forward the Flower


She raised her arm

Aimed the gun

And blew out Alice's brain matter


Alice awoke

From her coma at last

And came to believe it was all a dream




         The Red Princess, her name Garnet, paced her bedroom, wringing her hands together. Her dark eyes were locked on the mirror to her left, watching her own movements. Her ears were tuned beyond the tapping of her feet on the chessboard styled flooring beneath her.

         She was waiting for news of her ill father. The feeling she had, that he would be passing soon, pleased her to no end. Once he was gone, she would be left as the ruler of the kingdom. She had been waiting for this day for so long.

         The only obstacle in her way, once the King was gone, was her pesky elder brother. Years had passed since she'd realized her dream to become Queen, and yet she still had not figured out what exactly to do about that boy.

         Killing him was out of the option. That would make people suspicious or rebel against her. She could not have that. Not if she wanted to take over the whole of Wonderland – becoming the next Queen of Hearts in spirit if not in name.

         And that's all she wanted. Once the King fell, the pieces would go into motion. The first move made. Her plans could begin.

         And soon she would rule Wonderland.


         The Prince, whose name was Reed, knew what was happening. Of what his sister had done and he had an idea of what she had planned to do afterward. He didn't much want to stick around for that.

         He stepped into his father's quarters. His red eyes landed on the King who was comfortably resting upon his bed. He was pale and frail. He was deteriorating before the Prince's eyes and there was nothing he could do to stop it. The Red King would die. Garnet was the cause of this illness, Reed was sure. His father would never think that though.

         No, his beloved princess could do no wrong.

         A group of Knights marched into the room, startling Reed, though he did not show it. He turned around, and with his hands clasped behind his back, he leveled his gaze on the knights.

         “What is it?” Reed asked.

         “Princess Garnet wishes to have a word with you,” the knight at the front of the group announced. The Red Prince nodded, his red eyes flashing with fear.

         This was it. The end was near.

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Mirror Mirror

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