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Supernaturals Challenge


This is my first story so I need all the help I can get, but please don't say mean or spiteful things, because that's just rude, but I am willing to take constructive criticism, also i'm going to need some great character names so comment if you have any!


also all my work is copy right and if any one tries to steal my ideas I will tell them to either take it off watt-pad, or sue. 


I felt my self slowly wake from my dreaming state, by shallow breathing tickling my neck. I opened my eyes slowly, then screamed. 


2 identical pairs of glowing green eyes were centimeters from my face. 

I gasped and saw my STUPID twin brothers looking at me with concern. 

"I think your on your period, or something, cuz gurrrrl, your skin is breaking out!" 

I realized with growing anger to see one of my brothers rolling on the floor, laughing, while the other one was looking at my complexion with a concerned expression.

Let me explain. I had two twin brothers, one was gay, the other strait. I usually went to boarding school but was currently at home for 2 weeks of summer holiday. And let me tell you it was so damn annoying to travel 12 hours on a plane to come see my nutcase of a family, but family was family. I loved them.

I was a little disappointed because today I would have to travel another 12 hours on a private plane back to the island were my school was. My school was special, It was a school for The Others, more like 4 different schools for 4 different types of others, all sharing the same space on a excluded island, lets say thing got a little difficult.

I kicked and pushed my brother off my bed, seeing him fall with a satisfying 'thump'.joining my other bro on the floor. I heard my mom's concerned voice echoing up from the kitchen.

"Hun, are you awake?"

"MOM, can u get these two molesters off my bedroom floor?"

She just sighed. Figures

I could faintly smell the bacon and toast wafting up the stairs, but I did have extreme senses. I sat up in bed and stretched, feeling that distinctive twitch in the middle of my back.

My name is Skye Jericho Everest, and I'm 17 years old, a triplet, the oldest triplet I might add, but a triplet none the less. Being female with 2 fraternal brothers is about as rare as it gets. Living with these 2 weirdos was annoying, they also attended the same school island but not the same school type, Taylor, the gay one, could shape shift, and read minds, Simon, was a pusher. 

Pusher means make someone do something unwillingly, pushing thoughts in there head, It didn't work on me though, thankfully.


I jumped out of bed, walking on the monsters stomachs, they both groaned.

"Serves you right" I whispered, and skipped over my closet pulling out a pair of black skinny's and a white matching top. I ripped down the hallway nearly turning my little sister into road kill. I leaned down and picked little Becky up, loving as she screeched in delight, I whispered in her tiny ear, 

"now who's the biggest little girl in the whole wide world?" 

"ME" she screamed, wiggling out of my arms and started running pell-mell down the wide hallway, probably to go wake my dad up. poor dad. Becky was 5. poor dad.

I went to the bathroom thinking about having a tele-talk with Jace...Jac-STOP, Taylor is probably listening and he didn't need to know the kind of things I would be thinking If I hadn't interrupted my self, god I was such a hormonal teenager gah. I started to shower all the while thinking about my strange life.

It all started about a year ago, when instead of going to a regular high school like expected, our parents had this huge talk with us about, the world wasn't what it seemed, we weren't human, and we had to go to this special boarding school to learn how to train and use our powers, that we were going to have soul mates, and what types of Others there were, shifters, feae, pushers, and mirrors.  

2 days later we were shipped of to who knows were to do no-one knows what.

Now we were heading back, but it would be totally different, 

1.we would be second years 

2.we would find out our true soul mates  

3.we would morph 

4.we will have to be entered onto the Others Challenge 

finding a true soul mate is exactly like love at first sight, but totally different, and you can only find your soul mate exactly 7 days after the first bell rings for classes to start in your second year, very confusing, I know, morphing happens when you truly fall in love with your soul mate, then, after about 6 months into the school year all the 2 year soul couples names are put into 4 different jars, for the 4 different races, then a couples slip was fished out of the jars then all four of the soul couples will compete in the games

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