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Wish Upon A Star

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Where to start? Well I guess I'll start with my name. Hi my name is Lillian Stark, my friends call my Lilli. I worked on a farm throughout my high schooling, and graduated high school when I was 17. Three years later I now work in a multinational company with production sites all over the globe including China, Japan, Scotland, and even Russia. Pretty exciting right? Not really.

I'm the janitor. I clean up after the men and women in cubicles and the fancy corner offices. Let me tell you they maybe all dressed up looking so pretty and successful, but as soon as they leave the offices and you take a look around the rooms, you can see what pigs they all are! I still live with my mother, my father ran out on us when I was only 6 weeks old. I have an older sister who lives with her boyfriend, and two little sisters. One is 16 her name is Nikki and the other is 8 her name is Gwynn. Next I have a little brother named Austin, he's 15. It's a crowded house.

I don't have a boyfriend and I'm not really looking for one. All men in my life have been abusive, alcoholics, or even abusive alcoholics. So men don't really fit into the picture really well for me. I do however have a dog named Alice. She's a white and blonde Siberian Husky with bright blue eyes, and is the best thing to ever happen to me.

Alright now that you know a little about me let me get to the real story. Lets start from where I think it started. Many, many thousands of years ago there was a colossal explosion, resulting in the creation of our universe... what to far? Alright lets skip over the countless wars and killing to the best part, my story!

After just fleeing from yet another abusive man in my mothers life, we found ourselves in a new city with very little money and absolutely no jobs, having left the ones we had in the last town. I'll spare you the details of hundreds of applications declined and resumes thrown away. Finally after months of salvation army meals My mother and myself found jobs! She started driving for the local bus company for the school and as I said I became a cleaner. Yeah I know not really glorious jobs but, hey they paid the bills.

After months of scrubbing toilets and vacuuming countless carpets, my supervisor came into the building and told me and my coworker that a major tour was coming through. "Great more cleaning!!" and that's just what happened. We were told to do more detailed cleanings of the cubicles and restrooms to make the building look spotless because the owner of the company was coming through, with the building owners from all of the other buildings. So over 20 bigwigs were going to be coming to my building to compare it to their own and if they found anything wrong, I could lose my job without even a second chance.

Well the day of the tour I came in to the building to find the lobby and reception area trashed. Papers scattered and drinks left everywhere. I don't think I've ever sighed so big before. It was the end of the building work day so only a few people were still milling around. I set about cleaning the surface garbage, leaving the rest for later. I was half way through the common area when I heard,

" Excuse me, but have you seen a cell phone in here?"

I spun around with a jump having a mini heart attack, and looked up, then up again. There stood a very large, very hansom man. He had dark skin that seemed to glow a golden bronze, his midnight hair was pulled into a professional ponytail at the back and looked to reach his shoulders. The only way I can really describe his mouth is it seemed oh so very kissable, with his perfectly white teeth and lips that said He would always come out victorious. Then his eyes, his lovely eyes. Such a deep brown with just a hint of gold. These eyes looked at me like I was the only woman in the entire world. Then I realized he was still waiting for an answer.

" Yes- Yes. I found a phone earlier. Here I put it behind the secretaries desk."

Yes my voice shook, and yes I was very aware that he was following right behind me. I lead him to the desk and grabbed his phone. When I turned around he was there, right there.

" He-Here. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I hope you enjoyed the tour."

I finally caught hold of my brain.

"Hmm, It had seemed pretty boring. I really thought it would be a giant waste of my time." his voice rumbled in his chest, coming out like a growl. Unconsciously I shivered.

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