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Bittersweet Moonlight


Alec's P.O.V 

I walk into the center of the large ballroom and take my place besides Jane. She looks at me but quickly turns away. Aro, Marcus, and Caius walk up to their thrones and take a seat. My mind wonders off to Prue. She's sort of different from most people. Well, I haven't really talked to anyone outside of these four walls but she is different.  

Whenever I saw the Cullens an animosity came over me. I didn't even know them but it felt like instinct. I didn't feel this towards Prue. She was just so warm and sweet.Though I could tell that she doesn't always do what she is told. Somebody snaps their fingers in my face and I glare. I see Jane standing next to me and I growl. 

"What so you want now?" I hiss. 

"If you were paying attention you would know that Aro has been calling your name for five minutes!" Jane barks. 

My eyes widen and I instantly walk forward. I stop just below them and bow. Aro is smiling while the rest are frowning. 

"Alec, we've recently found ourselves a little female that has the ability of young Alice Cullen. We asked her about the future and she said that there was nothing interesting but you came up. I saw what she saw and it is quite......interesting," Aro murmurs. 

"What did she see, Master?" I ask quietly. 

"Four things. One, you were embracing a young girl, a vampire by the looks of it. Two, you were wearing a tux and she was wearing a white wedding dress. Three, you were laughing with the Cullens and the girl. Four, we all were laughing with the girl. She had said that she- that young girl in the visions- will be very important in your future. The present, too," Aro whispers but I know that they can all hear him. 

" You've met her already haven't you?" Caius asks coldly and I nod sharply. 

Caius and Marcus sweep out of the room quickly without another word. Aro sighs and sits back but doesn't slouch. Never slouches. 

"I thought that they might have a happier response. I, personally, am very happy that you found that special someone. Jane what do you have to say about your brother's happiness and future?" Aro says cheerfully.  

Jane steps forward with no expression on her face. I watch her carefully, not knowing what her reaction will be. 

"I am happy that he has found happiness but I would have been happier if he wasn't in love with one of the Cullens," Jane says slowly and quietly. 

"Why is that?" Aro asks curious, even though I have a feeling that I really won't want to know. 

"Because the odds are that Marcus and Caius will get the rest of the guard to talk to them or scare them away," Jane whispers and Aro frowns. 

"I will not allow them to do that, Jane. I also trust that Alec will not let them touch her either." 

Prue P.O.V 

I step downstairs, over my temper tantrum. I see a young girl standing by Carlisle and Esme. She's holding a stick and is watching everyone's moves cautiously. Everyone sees me coming and smiles warmly. 

"Prue, we want you to meet Alex. She's a wizard," Esme murmurs. 

"Funny, like Wizards of Waverly Place," I say. 

Alex grins. 

"Yeah, well I read a book called Twilight. Ironic, huh?" Alex says. 

"Well, whatever. What's going on?" I ask. 

"I'm here because there's this thing where a family is so close that one wizard is allowed to make a couple of them be connected. This only happens when the family isn't actually a family. You know? Well the council gave me a assignment to this family and you've been chosen to be connected, Prue. You will be connected to two of your family members. One female and one male. They will both be your genetic parents. You may choose and I will bind you and what not," Alex says. 

Everyone's eyes widen and so do mine. Of course I automatically want to choose Esme and Carlisle but before I can say anything Alex speaks. 

"But you can't choose Esme and Carlisle. I don't know why but that's what the paper said. You also can't choose someone who is already related to you. You may also not choose a couple. You can, for example, choose Esme and Edward. Even though you can't. So that leaves you with Alice, Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett," Alex says. 

Alice and Emmett look uneasy, while Jasper and Rose look completely calm. 

"I choose Rosalie and Jasper as my...parents," I whisper.  

Rosalie smiles and Jasper chuckles. 

Alex nods and plucks out a strand of Jasper's and Rose's heads. She then swirls her wand around then and they turn into a needle injector. 

"This is strong enough to break through vampire skin," Alex comments and I nod.

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