Hidding The Truth!

Dedicated to
Bonnie Doyle

this chapter it dedicated to my friend bonnie who helped me with pictures and things for my trailer and cover!!


im im sam short for samantha im 16 years old i go to school im in my final year so then i can get out of this place on move on from this life. i mean im not your average normal teenager i have good friend i have a good family welll we have our problems but so does everyone dont they ??! but the only thing is i have a secret a secret that i like to hide from all my friends a secret no-one can know, i mean some well two friends i trust i trust them with part of my secret but i cant bring my self to tell them eveyrthing that would be liike a death wish in its self !!

i mean im emo i self harm to cut out the pain to hide my emotions to take away the fear the only problem is i cant hide everything forever and i dont just mean self harm or emo i mean the real me ! the one hiding behind the clothes and the fun exciting me. the one that was slowly finding its way into the world to show every body who i really am but i cant have this happen not now not ever. noone has to know not the truth . it would ruin what people think of me how they act around me . it scares me to know people are working thing out . if they knew me if they only knew they wouldnt be my friend they wouldnt talk to me i would be ignored the weirdo the enemy the one no-one will like ...thats me forever...


first chapter hope its ok im not brilliant at writting but what u gonna do about it :)!!

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