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Ice [ book 1 of the nine sisters ] will be rewritten.


    Once, there were 9 sisters, born with royal blood. There was something extraordinary about these girls. They were born with powers, depicting natural things that happen in life. Their names, descriptions and their powers are as follows:

-Antarctica, the eldest, possessed the power of ice and snow.Despite her icy appearance and the cold shoulder she will offer you if she doesn't know you, her heart is warm and golden. She cares for everyone she has learned to love.Her skin is extremely fair, with a slight tint at the cheeks that shows she has blood at all. Her eyes are, of course, icy blue. Her hair was a long, silken brown; straight until the very ends, which are curled. Her hands are usually cold, but once one gets used to them, they may be the most comforting hands one has ever touched.

-Amber, the firstborn of the twins, is very fiery. She has the power to control and make flames out of nowhere. She is not easily angered, as you may presume. She is very approachable and friendly. Her skin is also fair, though less extreme than her older sister. Her eyes are, unexpectedly, blue. You would assume that her eyes are more fierce, but they are a deep azure blue. Her hair is long, auburn, and cascading down her back in fat curls. Much like her twin, she loves wearing red.

-Valentina, Amber's twin sister, has a power that is ridiculously powerful. Her power? Love. She can make anyone fall in love or hate each other. She, like Antarctica, is a very nurturing person.As you guessed, she's a hopeless romantic. She is also considered the most beautiful sister of the 9. Her skin was rosy-white, flawless. Her eyes were a very expressive emerald green. She had long golden hair that also cascaded down her back in big, fat curls. She, in a word, was breathtaking.

-Aquatica, the first of the triplets, is a very soft-spoken being. Rather than talk, she would often just speak through her extremely expressing deep-sea blue eyes. She loves being underwater, no matter the consequence of being reprimanded. She, like many of her other sisters, has a very unexpected attitude. You might think her bold and daring, but she is rather shy and quiet. Her skin is very fair, even though she spends ages under the sun. Her hair, though usually dry from all that staying underwater, was smooth and a very deep brown, almost black. Her movements are very much like a bubble, graceful and delicate. She is said to be the family's best dancer since she treads on her feet effortlessly.

-Autumna, the second triplet, was also very powerful. She controlled the seasons. Why was she named Autumna? Well, she was born in the days of autumn. She is very stern, though she absolutely loves having a good laugh. She is also very strange, for her appearance changes with the seasons. In spring, her hair is blond, her eyes a bright green and her skin vibrant. In summer, her hair slowly turns into auburn, her eyes as blue as the sky and her skin as radiant and as glowing as the sun above her. in autumn, her hair turns a dark auburn or brown, her eyes become hazel-colored, her skin starting to become pale. In winter her hair is black, her eyes icy blue and her skin pale wih a slight tinge of red in the cheeks. Usually this princess is also very moody.

-Fauna, the last of the triplets, controls animals. She is very kind, gentle and very helping. She is often the peacemaker of the group for she is used to calming down enraged creatures. Because of her love of animals, she was allowed to keep several of her own, including a nest of bluebirds and a few flying squirrels. Her calm attitude shows in her appearance. She has skin that is fair, like the others, but with less of a tinge of pink on her cheeks. Her eyes are a rich chocolate brown, and they take you to depths deeper than you can imagine. Her hair was a chestnut brown, long and spiraling to the very ends. Her hands, though they have gone through a lot of fur, were delicate and soft. Though young, she was very well-matured.

-Demetria, also known as the daughter of Mother Nature, holds power over plants. This often loud and obnoxious princess is very encouraging. She has been known to cheer loudly when a joust is being performed, mindless of any shame. At the tender age of 15, she knows much about the sciences. Her skin is silky smooth, pink only on her cheeks. Her eyes are an icy blue, much like her older sister, Antarctica. Her hair falls down her shoulders in red spirals. Her beauty is one that you very rarely see.

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Prologue/ Introduction of Main Characters


Emily Deschanelas Antarctica
Amy Adamsas Amber
Charlize Theronas Valentina
Zooey Deschanelas Aquatica
Kay Panabakeras Autumna
Mila Kunisas Fauna
Molly C. Quinnas Demetria
Taylor Swiftas Melody
Kaya Scodelarioas Aira
Liam Neesonas King Francois
Nicole Kidmanas Queen Meredith
Tom Wellingas Jeremiah
Zac Efronas Armando

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