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A Mermaid's Tale (Completed)


Angel’s POV


“Well, she certainly was a pretty little thing,”

Shut the fuck up, Stephen. I growled in my head trying to ignore him.

“Did you have a little thing with her, Angel? I bet she was good it bed.” He smirked.

“That’s it!” I growled and shoved up against the wall with my hand clamped around his throat. “Don’t you ever fucking talk about her!” I spat viciously.

“Angel!” Faith gasped.

“If you ever talk about her like that again I will rearrange your pretty will face so bad that all Aqua’s work would have been pointless!” I growled murderously.

“Angel, stop! He’s you’re brother! Cut this out!” Faith demanded tugging at my arm.

I pulled my hand from Stephen’s throat and he fell to the ground coughing and clutching his throat. I pushed Faith off my arm and she fell to the ground looking up at me with tears in her begging eyes.

“Fuck all of you,” I growled to the room in general and then I ran. I ran to the one place I could be close with Aqua not matter how far away she was.  

When I got to the pond I stopped and took a deep breath.

“Fuck!” I growled and kicked the big boulder than glared as it toppled into the water. I ran and slammed my fist into a tree repeatedly until it cracked down the middle.

“Angel!” I heard someone scream, but I continued to beat up the tree.

Suddenly someone’s arms wrapped around me.

“No!” I growled. “Fucking let go of me!” I struggled against the restricting arms.

Then Faith’s tear streamed face filled my blurred vision and I stopped struggling.

How could I be so selfish? Faith had become so close to Aqua over these past months and I had shoved her to the ground leaving her behind.

“Angel, please stop . . . don’t do this,” She pleaded.

I relaxed and the arms released me and I took Faith into my arms as she cried into my shoulder.

“She’s gone . . . I know, but don’t destroy the last piece we have of her,” She cried.

I breathed and held her tighter.  

Then I remembered.

I was hoping you would take it . . . something to remember me by.

I reached into to my pocket and pulled out the stone. It burned in my palm. When I looked at it I saw it glow.

“Faith,” I squeezed her shoulders.

“What?” She leaned away from me whipping her eyes.

“Look,” I showed her the stone.

“Oh, Angel, it’s beautiful,” She sighed.

“This is what we have left of her. This the part of her she has left with us. Her warmth. Her beauty. Her heart,” I breathed.

Faith laid her hand over mine, sandwiching the stone between our cold palms.

Her heart. I have her heart and she has mine.



Aqua’s POV


I gasped and covered the stone with my hand as it became ice cold on my chest.


“Princess, are you alright?” The guard at my side questioned my sudden stop as we walked towards the entrance of the palace.

“Aqua?” Tara turned back to me.

“No, I’m fine,” I breathed.

“What is it?” She demanded.

“Go on,” I demanded.

“But . . .”

“I haven’t been home in such a long time. Let me have space to breath,” I demanded.

“I will stay with you . . .”

“Where can I be safe if I am not safe in my own jungle?” I stared the guard down. “Now leave me be,” I waved a hand at them and then turned to the nearest tree and climbed into it.

“I hate it when she does that,” Zaire complained.

“Just leave her to it. It will take her time to get over this,” Tara sighed.

“I’m sure,” Zaire sighed and then I was off, jumping from tree to tree until I reached one looking out over the ocean.

I stopped there and looked at the stone.

It glowed beautifully pale. The stone continued to cool to an icy temperature. The smooth surface reminded me of Angel’s skin . . . Angel.

I gasped and stared at the stone in wonder.


No matter how far I am from Angel I was, I will forever be near him thanks to this magical little stone.

“Oh, Angel,” I breathed.

“You!” Someone shouted at me.

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Ian Somerhalderas Angel Cersil
Teresa Palmeras Aqua Shifka
Nina Dobrevas Zaire Shifka
Elena Satineas Tara Shifka
Nikki Reedas Victoria Cresil
Robert Pattinsonas Nicky Cresil
Sean Farisas Dominic Cresil
Cassidy Freemanas Rosa Cresil
Casper Zaferas Evander Cresil

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