I woke up by the nice sound ( note sarcasm) of my alarm. I walked out of my room and to the bathroom... and it was occupied by Bells. I waited... and waited etc.....

I looked at the clock ; it´s been 5 minutes. Bella is taking FOREVER!

"BELLA!!! HURRY UP YOUR TAKING FOREVER!I NEED TO PEE!!" (We only have one bathroom in this house and it sucks because i am TEN times slower to get redy than Bella, just saying).

Two minutes later Bella comes out, FINALLY! I walk in and do my "stuff" and then do my make up; mascara and lip gloss ( i´m going light today). Then i do my hair in a simple ponytail.

I walk in to my room and walk to the closet, i chose dark blue demin jeans and a blue shirt that has a bee on it, the bees eyes are on my boobs; guys are always staring at then and claims they are looking at the bee, yeah right! ( I´m a C -cup just so you know, and i´m proud!)

Anyway enough about my boobs, when i was done dressing i walked down to the kitchen. Bella was already there eating a sandwich. I grabbed a bowl with serials.

"Were´s dad?" Í asked  Bells.

"Work" she said.

Should have known, I have lived with him for 16 years and have seen him in the morning 5 times max.

I started eating on my serials and soon it was time for school. We grabbed our jackets and went to Bells new car, a orange trunk. ( Trunk aren´t my favorite cars, but Bells got one and I'm jealous, I don't have a car! But I´ll get over the jealousy.)

We drove for about ten minutes before we arrived. When we had parked the car we walked in to the main office and graded our timetables and locker combination. My classes today was:

1. Math, room 6

2. Music, room 3

3. Art/ Design room 7


4.biology room 4

5. P.H building 2

I had Math, biology and P.H with Bella.

At math nothing special happened, nor with music exept i now know i can´t sing, apparently i´m tone deaf.

I walked in to Art/ Design and walked up to the teacher, Ms. Walker, and said who I was and then she told me to sit by "Ms.Cullen". I sat next to "Ms. Cullen" who had short spiky brown hair, had brown eyes and she was pale. Paler than Bella, and that tells you something.

"Hello, my name is Alice, are you Isabella or Lily Swan?" the girl, apparently Alice, said.

"Hello, I´m Lily, nice to meet you". I didn't bother to ask how she knew our names because apparently EVERYONE knew who we where, the Chief of Police daughters. Alice reminded me of something, but i could not put my finger on it. In class we talked about how to draw clothes, and how to measure correctly.

I walked alone to the cafeteria and looked for Bells. I found her at a table with the b#tch we met at math, Jessica. I did not like her. At the table there was also Angela, Mike,Erik, Tyler and Lauren. T really liked Angela, she ´was sweet, i also liked Erik, Mike was okay, but Lauren, not so much she was WORSE than Jessica.

After a while I hear Bella say " who are they?"

I look up and see four beautiful people come in, Alice included. I hear Jessica say:

"Those are the Cullen's, the tall blond one is Rosalie, the big dark haired guy is Emmett, the little one is Alice and the guy who looks like he´s in pain is Jasper. They ceep to etch other cuz their all like together together, its strange"