After Harry [A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction]


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This is a pure fan-fiction based on what happens if Harry never chose to come back to life. Enjoy.

Copyright goes to J.K.Rowling



Milla stood silent far at the back of the crowd as all of Harry Potter's friends stood at the front of the Hogwarts entrance, or rather, what was left of it. She tried to glance through the gaps of the crowd who were murmuring as a figure with a snake-like nose and black cloak advanced towards them with an army behind him of witches and wizards who were on a side that nobody wished existed.

Milla glanced back into the destroyed hall, glancing at all of the injured and dead laying on her once most favourite place in the world. It was where she would sit near the end of one of the great tables and listened to Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger and all of their friends laugh from a distance. It's where she couldn't feel happy for herself, but happy that someone had what she hadn't.

But that was Milla Kravistk for you.

Then screams followed as Voldemort ceased to walk and pointed to Hogwarts Grounskeeper Hagrid. Milla's eyes widened and she clutched her wand tighter. Even through the crowd and Ginny's screams of Harry's name, Milla could see Harry lying limply in Hagrid's large arms and she knew he wasn't never going to move again, she could feel it in her heavy heart.

What Voldemort spoke was inaudible to Milla, so were all the screams; her eyes hadn't left Harry's face which was paling now and what hurt her the most was when through the bustling students of Hogwarts, Harry's wand slipped from his hand and clattered onto the stone floor.

Milla's heart twisted painfully.

Harry had managed to give Milla hope without knowing it; that you could turn out fine if your parents were murdered and you had to live with terrible people, that even though you lost all family, you still ahd people that loved you. That after everything terrible that could ever hapen to you; everything would be okay in the end.

But Harry wasn't okay anymore.

Harry Potter was dead.

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After Harry [A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction]


Emilia Clarkeas Milla Kravistk
Daniel Radcliffeas Harry Potter
Tom Feltonas Draco Malfoy
Emma Watsonas Hermione Granger
Rupert Grintas Ronald Weasley
Abigail Breslinas Mary-Kate Oretie
Darren Crissas Lucas Dandert
Evanna Lynchas Luna Lovegood

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