Welcome to the beginning of an experiment of mine: Tandem Hearts. I hope you're along for the ride, but I thought I would lay out the requisite warnings.

- I go to college full time until the end of April, but I'm aiming to update twice before Finals.

- I thrive on feedback: right now I've got the first two serious heroine roadblocks plotted out in my brain. If you read and like the story, please post a comment below the chapter (or even the page where I might have made you laugh, cry, or curse me).

What I would like to put on the table is the opportunity for readers to enjoy an interactive writing process. As the story progresses, I will be looking through the reader feedback to see what you lovely people want to happen next. I'm not promising you that every suggestion will make it to the storyboards, but there will be serious contributions to character development open for readers to impact if the story goes as I plan. I refuse to give you spoilers before the first REAL chapter is up, so don't ask!

I promise to do my best to rock you, shock you, and maybe even hate me a little.

But isn't it all about the journey and not the destination?

Til next time,