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Life as a supernatural

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"Really, mom your making me go to this Supernaturals only school?" I asked, on the verge of yelling at her. She clenched her hands into fists.

"Yes, honey, your not... normal." 

"Yeah, I know that I've always been not normal". 

"Your," she paused, "normal." 

"No i'm NOT!" I yelled, making her flinch. 

"Your still going though." she stated firmly.

I stormed down the hall to my room. I grabbed my Iphone 4 off my bedside table. My parents got it for me for my birthday. I punched my boyfriend's number in on the dialer. "Party Rock Anthem" blared from the other end (it was his ringback tone, every time you called him that would you would hear before he answered his phone).

"Hello?" I heard Zach's (boyfreind) voice ask. 

"Hey babe." I said happily. 

"What are you up to?" he asked. 

"Not much, you?" I said happily. 

"Same thing here." 

"Can I talk to you in Skype, I want to tell you in person." 

"Uh, yeah, alright, logging on right now babe." he said kind of scared.

I sent him a invite and his face popped up on my computer. He shot me a scared look. The look in his eyes said that he really was afraid (which I didn't see often).


"You what?" 

"I'm a..." 

"Your a what?" 

"I'm a supernatural." 

"Did you just say your a supernatural?" 

"Uh..., yeah I did." I said, starting to cry quietly. 

"How come you didn't tell me this before Summer?" he asked. 

"I didn't think you'd want to be with me anymore if I told you." 

"You thought I wouldn't want to date you anymore??" he asked concerned. 

"Yeah, it's just that... I didn't think you'd like me anymore Zach." I said, starting to sob again. 


I disconnected my laptop from my house's Wi-Fi and put it away. It felt so good to have that extra weight lifted off my shoulders. I know i'm not normal. I've never been. I never will be. No normal baby girl is born with flaming red eyes, blue hair, and almost pink skin.

I couldn't understand it at all. I mean, seriously, I have to go to this school for "supernaturals". It's stupid and pointless. I wanted to yell at the world. My best friend texted me.

Salene: you wanna go for some food? 

Me: I cant sorry X:  

Salene: ok maybe tomarrow? 

Me: Yeah totally!  


Diary entry 1-

Dear diary,

Today I found out I'm going to a "supernatuerals" school (mom's making me). What do I do???


Aylssa D. Vonwood 


All I could think of was that i'd miss everyone (yes, my mother too). I love my mother to death but, right now I wanted to hit her SO bad! I know they'd all miss me since we'd be so far away (the school was in Alaska). 


I grabbed my Ipod Touch from my dresser and slid it in my arm holder. I was going for a run. I was very athletic as you could so far, tell.

After my run-

I set my video camera up on the stand. I was making a Youtube video. I was doing it on "Fast cars and freedom" By rascal Flatts. When I was done doing the video I put my camera away (uploading it as well, yes). I have loved music since I was three years old. 



Hey everyone, AHHHHHHHHHHH, I entered for the "Watty Awards" a few months back... cross your fingers give me luck, please!!!!!!!!!!


p.s. check out the following authors\/CrystalAmelia\/princessharley


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Keira Knightleyas Sammi-Nikole Valenx
Nick Jonasas Zach Fasrong
Julianne Houghas Babra (Summer's mother)

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