"Deondre, are you serious right now?" I said throwing a glass vase across the room just missing his head it hit the wall, breaking into pieces.

"What is you trippin on Monica?"

I punch the wall from my anger boiling up making a big hole. "What I'm trippin on is the fact that you cheated on me with my with your ex." I screamed.

"Monica, I didn't cheat on you" He yelled back just as angry.

"I don't want to hear it, get out!" I said pointing to the door.

"But Mon-"

"Out. Now!" I growled, throwing a picture frame with our picture in it at the wall.

He grabbed his bags and left without another word. The silent tears poured out of my eyes after I heard the click of the door.

I collapsed onto my bed and curled up into the fetal position as I wrapped myself with blankets and cried myself to sleep.


This is a new book, hope you guys like it!

PS: I was bored & half asleep! Lol :)