Don't let me down (Black veil brides love story)

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Ali Black

17 years old

Dark red hair (As in not naturally red)

Brown almost black eyes

Cage fighter

Loves rock music

nose stud bellybutton single snakebite earrings up her ears tongue ring are her piercings

Demon estran

17 years old

Dating Ali

Longish brown "emo hair"  brown eyes

Lizzi knight

17 years old

Ali's friend

Red hair


has septum pierced

Kira loss

age 17

read heardbeats and drumsticks/ screamers and beaters by ijareth to learn about kira

Black veil brides

19 years old in this story

Not touring yet just playing small gigs

To the story:

Andy POV:

"Ash I really Don't want to go watch bitches fight each other in cages." I groaned as the band dragged me to go to the cagefights for girls "Please andy...." They all said with puppy dog eyes."Fine." I said as I got out of the car and trudged across the parking lot.

We took our seats and I saw a group of girls in short shorts and hoodies jumping around . One in particular caught my eye she had brown eyes and red hair not the natural kind the kind that was really really dark kind of like sammi's. She was also wearing a batman hoodie that had the pointy things on the top

Ash started to talk to me so I got distracted. When I turned around I saw the girl putting black gloves on and taking off her hoodie. She was wearing a black sports bra and black shorts. Thats what they were all wearing but they all had colorsul clothes on not her. She put her hair in low pigtails and grabbed a mouthguard She wasn't going to fight was she? The girl was skinny and semi tall most of these girls were monsters.

She climbed into the cage and put in her mouthguardAnother girl climbed into the cage and put her mouthguard in. The referee closed and locked the door and they got into their starting positions. Redhead girl beat the shit out of the other girl She jumed victoriously and the man opened the cage. She was on an adrenaline high because she climbed over the top of the cage and jumped down instead of walking out. I realized This girl goes to my school.

Ali POV:

I went and hugged Lizzi and Demon Demon hugged me halfheartedly and pulled me to the side "You got hit." he said angrily and slapped me "I'm trying ill do etter next time." i said "You better." he said and released me. I put on my hoodie and my shoes a grabbed my bag and started to walk out the door In the parking lot I ran into somebody I looked up "I'm sorry" I said I heard a low chuckle and looked up My gaze was met by a boy with blue eyes. "Its okay." he said "You go to my school right?" he asked "Yeah but I've only been there one day i just moved here from florida so i could continue my carreer in cage fighting." I said