Chapter 7

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Ashley is in your room helping you pack, your mom has already met Ashley. You: “what should I pack?” Ash: “sexy bras, sexy panties, a bikini, anything sexy that reveals a lot.” he winks. You: “haha very funny, Ashley. What about this KISS shirt?” Ash: “yes, its v-necked. Now, hurry up, our flight leaves in two hours.” You: “okay fine, I’m done.” Ash: “great, let’s go.” You walk into the living room to say bye to your mom. You: “bye mom.” Mom: “bye, sweetie. Take good care of her, Ashley.” Ash: “don’t worry, I will.” You hug your mom and head out the door.


You: “im excited to see your house.” Ash: “I bet you are, im excited to get back to my own bed.” You: “have you been sleeping on the tour bus?” Ash: “yes, it’s not very comfy. By the way, is your mom at all concerned about us staying together for the weekend?” You: “no not really, well she asked me if we were going to be safe, as in ‘in the bedroom safe’. Ash: “oh wow.” ” You: “yeah, so does anybody else live with you?” Ash: “nope, just me and my dogs. You’re not allergic to dogs are you?” You: “no, I love dogs.” Ash: “great, I bet they’ll love you. Almost as much as I do.” You: “will you quit making me blush!” Ash: “nope, you’re cute when you blush. And by the way, about the safe in the bedroom thing, we can be if you want to.” He winks.


Ash: “hey, happy late birthday.” You: “you remembered?” Ash: “yes, I wanted to give this to you, but I didn’t want to do it in front of your mom.” He holds out a charm bracelet with a picture of him on it, with little charms, and yours and his initials on it. You: “it’s beautiful, Ashley.” Ash: “thanks, I’ve been working on it for over a week, since the day I met you.” You: “you made this?” Ash: “not exactly, I ordered it on a website, but I designed it.” You: “I love it!” Ash: “here, let me put it on you.” You hold out your wrist, Ashley clips it onto your wrist.  You smile and he puts his hand on the upper part of your leg. Ash: “oh sorry, my hand again.” You: “no, you’re fine.” You lean in and kiss Ashley. You: “so what are we doing this weekend?” Ash: “I’ll show you around town, buy you some stuff, go out to dinner, and if you wanna do anything else we can. My parents don’t live in California, so you don’t need to meet them yet.” You: “okay. Wow… I’m tired.” Ash: “you can take a nap on my shoulders, I’ll still be here when you wake up.” You cuddle into Ashley’s shoulder and fall asleep.